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Houston Rodeo Kid Rock Tickets

This year's Houston Rodeo will have double the fun as popular hard rock, southern blues and hip hop singer Kid Rock will perform at the event. The upcoming Houston Rodeo Kid Rock event is a must-attend for music lovers, so why not book in advance Houston Rodeo Kid Rock tickets from us before they are all sold out! Houston Rodeo as the name says is a humongous exhibition of livestock and rodeo that annually takes place in the popular city of Houston in the state of Texas. The event has been taking place in this city since the year 1931. Houston Rodeo is actually a short name of the event the actual name of this expo is Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo or in short HLSR. This event features the exhibition of various breeds of cattle, cows, bulls, calves as well as horses. HLSR is surely the biggest livestock show in the world that goes on for almost three weeks starting somewhere in the month of February and ending in March. The event has a number of exciting activities to entertain the visitors therefore everyday thousands of people come and watch it. The last year overall around two million people attended the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo which is a clear proof of its immense popularity. 
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Houston Rodeo Kid Rock will be one event where fans will be able to see their favorite rock star . Kid Rock was born in the year 1971 in the city of Romeo in Michigan, his actual name is Robert James Ritchie. Kid rock is a man full of talent and has not limited himself to just being a musician as he is also a fine lyricist as well as an actor.  He came into the music industry in the late 80's and since then he has sold over eleven million albums across the globe. Kid Rock's music is diverse and the main reason for this is that he has been influenced from various acclaimed artists like Beastie Boys, Esham, Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger and Whodini. He has been nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award five times for Best New Artists, Best Hard Rock Performance and Best Rock Album but he still has to win one.   Kid Rock in his career that spans over more than two decades has churned out eight studio and one live album. His first three albums failed to impress the audience and only one of the albums managed to reach the Billboard charts. Kid Rock suddenly came into prominence with his fourth album Devil Without a Cause, released by Lava Atlantic Records in 1998 the album stunned music lovers not only in the US but also around the world. Devil Without a Cause went on to earn 11x Platinum status in the US and 4x Platinum in Canada, this album till date remains his most successful effort. In 2001 Kid Rock released another good album Cocky, it was not able to get the same sales as the previous album but still managed to earn 5x and 2x platinum certification respectively in US and Canada. The year 2003 saw the release of a self titled album going Platinum but in 2007 came out Rock and Roll Jesus this was another super doper hit racing to the top on US Billboard charts and became the first album of Kid Rock that went gold in Australia and Germany. Kid Rock's latest album till now is the Platinum certified Born Free that came out in 2010. 
This time the upcoming Houston Rodeo is expected to attract an even bigger crowd and this will definitely make this huge expo thrilling as well as more entertaining. Watching Kid Rock perform live during the show will definitely be double fun whereas you will pay the price for one so get your Houston Rodeo Kid Rock tickets from us to enjoy a rocking evening!

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