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The Fighting Illini, popularly known as The Illini, is the athletic team that takes part in the intercollegiate games held by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Illini offers spots for both men and women. There are eleven women’s and ten men’s varsity teams. These teams participate in different sports some of which are baseball, hockey, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, swimming and hockey.

The uniform of the Fighting Illini is orange and blue while their fighting songs are Oskee Wow, Wow and Illinois Loyalty. The University arranges the events at different arenas and facilities. These include some great venues like the University of Illinois Ice ArenaAssembly Hall that houses basketball teams for both women and men, Atkins Tennis Center for both men and women and of course a place for football called Memorial Stadium. It is not only the Illini who takes part; a total of eleven intercollegiate mid-western teams from university also participate.
The Illinois team won their first homecoming game when they beat the Chicago Maroons with a score of 3:0. A more recent win by the Fighting Illini has really got some excitement along with high expectations going and maybe that’s the reason why sports enthusiasts crave for Illinois Fighting Illini tickets. This victory was one that took place in 2007 when the not so popular Fighting Illini managed to beat the strong Ohio football team. The Illini have not just won some athletic and football games; they have been winning over time since the 1900’s and have managed to sum up their wins to a figure of twenty five National championships. It is true though that the fans expect the Fighting Illini to win more recent games since a major chunk of their wins have taken place before the late 50’s. But it is also true that in the 2005 games, the runners up were none other than the Illini.
The Fighting Illini Basketball team for men earned the ninth spot after reaching the Big Ten Tournament finals. This was a bit of an unexpected turn for the team since this was the only time since 1999, that the team was not a part of the NCAA Tournament. But that did not let the Illini down and they came back stronger in 2005 when they emerged victorious with a score of 37-2. This marked a record in the NCAA history as the most triumphant match.
The Fighting Illini men’s tennis team has a history that dates back to the year 1908 but their trends in winning are more recent. The rankings from over the past decade show how the tennis team is one of the most notable ones in the nation. From the late 90’s till 2005, the team has managed to win nine out of ten Big Ten Championships. The team has also managed to win two ITA National Team Indoor Championships from the year 2003 to 2004. Such great victories set the demand for the Illinois Fighting Illini tickets more high. 

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