Illinois Fighting Illini Vs Wisconsin Badgers Tickets

College football has been around long before American football was ‘cool’. Before American football tasted its first spoonful of mainstream popularity, College football was doing the same thing without even breaking a sweat. Hence college football is the base upon which Pro-American football’s success and popularity stands. Even though the football that is played on college level, doesn’t really attract as much attention as the professional football, still it makes no comprise when it comes to providing the best of the sporting action to those who still believe in it. Many of the past and present day high value players in the National Football League happen to be an offspring of the college football.

On the college level, Football competitions are governed mainly by National Collegiate Athletic Association. Each season, NCAA orchestrates a regular season which pits the football teams of various universities and colleges against each other. The teams battle it out on the football stadiums all across the nation in hopes of claiming the National Championships, and more importantly, the Bragging Rights.
This coming season, the fans of all the different college teams would get to see their respective teams fighting for their moment to shine, including the fans of Illinois Fighting Illini and Wisconsin Badgers. For obvious reason, the fans of both sides wouldn’t want to miss Illinois Fighting Illini VS Wisconsin Badgers match up at the Memorial Stadium. Memorial stadium is home to the Fighting Illini, so the fans of badgers would have to scream louder even if they’re outnumbered at the stadium. Badgers’ fans should also consider being a part of the army which invades Memorial stadium this season; by buying their Illinois Fighting Illini VS Wisconsin Badgers tickets. And as for the Illini fans, it’d be shame if Badgers’ fans are much larger in number.
Fighting Illini’s Football team has had a long lustrous past that started off with the team’s formation in 1890. The football tradition at the University of Illinois is more than a century old and that happens to be one of the reasons why football is followed like a cult at the University. Over the years of its existence, the team has added numerous accolades to its profile including five National Titles, and fifteen conference titles. Apart from that, the team has also won eight Bowl games out of the seventeen that it has played.
Wisconsin Badgers’ football team on the other hand is only six years younger than the Illini, as it was formed in 1896. Badgers have acquired a total of fourteen conference championships with two Heisman Trophies with an Unclaimed National Title. Past is past, so let’s get a taste of what’s in store of the both teams in future by grabbing your Illinois Fighting Illini VS Wisconsin Badgers tickets before they say it’s too late.