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Indiana Hoosiers is the name of the athletic teams of Indiana University’s Bloomington campus. The IU sponsors athletic teams for baseball, cross country, basketball, Filed hockey, tennis, soccer, rowing, football, golf, water polo, volleyball, wrestling and track. The teams play under the athletic directorship of Fred Glass who is a well-known Indianapolis lawyer. The Hoosiers have been a member of the famous Big Ten Conference since 1899. On a national level the university is affiliated with National Collegiate Athletic Association, and has won a total of twenty-three NCAA titles as many as six times within men’s sports, once in women’s sport, which comprises of seven for men’s soccer, five for men’s soccer, on ein women’s tennis, and a record-breaking six for men’s diving and swimming. The student athletes of the university have taken victory over a hundred and thirty-nine titles. These students have earned a place in the coveted Academic All Big-Ten squad as many as two thousand, two hundred and eighty times. On the whole, the Hoosiers are recorded to have won over three thousand academic awards, which explain why Indiana Hoosiers tickets are so popular particularly among the young student crowds.
Indiana Hoosiers have had an extensive tradition in many important sports. Since its start in 1867 with its baseball team, the Hoosier’s athletic system has expanded to cover more than six hundred female and male student athletes in twenty-four varsity teams claiming one of the best records across the nation. The Hoosiers have won a hundred and thirty-three men’s titles from the NCAA that consist of seventy-nine for diving and swimming, alongside thirty-one for track and field. Moreover, the Hoosiers have either taken complete or partial victory over a hundred and fifty-seven championships held Big Ten Conference.
The athletic endowments by Indiana Hoosiers amount to forty-two million US dollars, which is the biggest among Big Ten Conference members. Their varsity club is considered to be the major fund-raiser of the department of athletics, setting a record of eleven and a half million in the shape of pledges and gifts through fiscal years of 2004-05. Furthermore, its yearly giving has gone up with almost eight percent in 2010 and about forty-nine percent, since 2008.
Indiana Hoosiers not only command an extensive tradition in the area of intervarsity sports, they also have a good reputation in several non-varsity sports. Among such club teams, in particular those of rugby union and ice hockey, high achievements and success have been noted whenever there is an intercollegiate competition. Gaining more recognition and popularity within the Hurling Club of Indiana University, Hurling is now considered to be the first national champions in American history. The constant success rate of Hoosier’s athletic clubs has encouraged the university to develop varsity programs for those sports in particular that did not previously have a team in the intervarsity competition of NCAA.  
A huge proportion of the IU’s students participate regularly in informal as well as formal intramural sports from the likes of soccer, football, tennis, golf and basketball. Among such athletics, Indiana Hoosiers have established a reputation of high student volunteering, participation alongside general instruction in the area of martial arts, which is known to be quite strong.  For their home games, the Hoosiers play baseball at the Sembower Field, soccer at Bill Armstrong Stadium, basketball at the Assembly Hall, and football at the Memorial Stadium, all of which are located in Bloomington. They also hold an annual bike race called the Little 500 Bike Race, which has brought over one million dollar for scholarship money. Also, their students have been noted to take part in the Olympics events on an individual basis, and winning the Hoosiers a total of eighty-four medals. If you want to watch a series of competitive games by a team that is sure to really struggle till the end with a high percentage winning rate, then get hold of those Indiana Hoosiers tickets and be there to cheer the players in their crimson and cream jerseys.

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