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International Friendly Mexico event is a friendly game series including Mexico national football team, in which the team will play against other national football teams. The Mexico team is a member of association football, and operates under the Mexican Football Federation, which is the governing football body of Mexico. The team plays its home games at Estadio Azteca, under current head coach Jose Manuel de la Torre. The team is evaluated to stand on the thirteenth place among World Football Elo Ratings and on the twenty-second place according to FIFA World Rankings.  Mexico has entered the World Cup a total of fourteen times since 1994, which has happened consecutively from then on. The team’s excellent performance contributes to the high demand of International Friendly Mexico tickets.
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The earliest football organized in Mexico was in the beginning of the Twentieth Century, when individuals from European immigrant groups such as Conrwall’s miners, took interest in holding football games. International Friendly Mexico games have been played, among which one of the most memorable ones was played in 1923, held at Parque Espana in a series of friendlies representing Guatemala, which Mexico won with an end score of 2-1. In another following match, Mexico won again with a 2-0 win, and the series was completed with a 3-3 draw. The manager of the team back then was Rafael Garza Gutierrez, while Adolfo Frias was the assistant coach. The national team played its international friendly after four years, in 1927, when it prepared for a game against Spain.  
Mexico team, soon to play in International Friendly Mexico games, has been considered to be the most successful team among its other national counterparts throughout history in the CONCACAF area, since it is the only team from that particular region to have won an official title that was also given recognition by FIFA. It is known to hold nine championships from CONCACAF of which, six are CONCACAF Gold Cups, two are NAFC Championships, and one is a North American Nations Cup. The team also holds one FIFA Confederations Cup.  Though Mexico abides by the jurisdiction of CONCACAF, its football team has received regular invitations to participate in Copa America since 1993 when it completed as a runner-up twice while also taking a medal on the third place on three events.  
The upcoming International Friendly Mexico games are going to present exciting competition results for Mexico, given that its current squad includes strong players such as Rafael Marquez, who has a hundred and ten caps and twelve goals on his record, and Javier Hernandez with thirty-four caps and twenty-three goals. Other players include Guillermo Ochoa, Jose de Jesus Corona, Francisco Javier Rodriguez, Carlos Salcido, Hugo Ayala, Enrique Perez, Hector Moreno, Efrain Juarez, Jorge Torres Nilo, Pablo Barrera, Jonathan dos Santos, Damian Alvarez, Andres Guardado, Edgar Lugo, Oribe Peralta, Giovani dos Santos, and Miguel Sabah.
The successful Mexico team participating in International Friendly Mexico games, has a remarkable record which includes a gold medal from Universiade in 1979, two NAFC Championships in 1947 and 1949, and two North American Nations Cups in 1990 and 1991. Among international honors Mexico has won a FIFA Confederations Cup and has twice qualified as the runner-up of Copa America in 1993 and 2001. In Pan-American games the team has six gold medals from Central American and Carribean games, four gold medals from Pan Am games, and five gold medals from CONCACAF Pre-Olympic tournaments. Some of the minor championships won by the team include three United States Cup Championships won in 1996, 1997 and 1999, an Azteca 2000 Tournament Championship won in 1985, a Marlboro Cup Championship won in 1989, a Milk Cup Elite Championship from 2001 and a Lunar New Year Cup won in the category of Carlsberg Cup in 1999. Pocket up those International Friendly Mexico tickets and be there to watch the super competitive, tournament-winning team put up a good show of kicks and goals.

There are championship games and regular seasons; and then there is International Friendly, the event where there is a competition without competition, where all the teams from all the sports come together to play against each other or with their own teams and where there is not trophy for the winner but the sports spirit is as high as in any international championship. These events features some warm up games which is a delightful prequel to what the actual championship will bring. Where international teams don’t get a lot of chance to follow up their strategies and formation and hence International Friendly brings a good opportunity for that and an excellent one for the fans to watch all the action live. Among other countries, International Friendly Mexico is also gearing up for this thrilling event and is sure to bring a lot of good times to fans. International Friendly Mexico tickets are tickets to enjoy some friendly game, watching the brightest sports stars do their thing.
International Friendly is also known as ‘exhibition game’ and ‘preparation match’ and is an excellent way to make the idea of competition turn into a friendly game. It teaches the teams to let go of their motive of winning and play for the sake of playing only. No matter how the games end, they do not hold any competitive significance; the only thing they do hold is that they show the quality of the play. These games which are held between teams from all over the world and also between parts of the same team do not have prize money or season rankings and are solely for entertainment or charity purposes. International Friendly sometimes becomes preseason games where the teams get to familiarize with each other. These games can also become a basis for the teams to analyze which players have performed well and who to keep for the regular season.
International Friendly Mexico brings the national football team of Mexico face to face with other football teams and the events that follow make up a wonderful time for the fans. Mexico is one of the best football teams in the world and stands at number 22 in FIFA World Rankings. The team has been qualifying for World Cups every year since 1994 which makes it fourteen times, excellent for a football team. The team started off with its first rival as France and continued to rise until they reached quarterfinals of FIFA World Cups in 1970 and 1986, both times in their homeland. As Mexico is the only national team holding FIFA title in the whole CONCACAF region, therefore it is the most successful there, winning 9 CONCACAF championships which include the team winning 2 NAFC Championships, a North American Nations Cup and 6 CONCACAF Gold Cups. Moreover, the team has also won a FIFA Confederations Cup.  
2011 saw International Friendly Mexico with teams like Paraguay, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Serbia and New Zealand. Continuing this, 2012 season had Mexico playing against Venezuela, Colombia, Wales and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Friendlies are a sneak peak to what fans can expect from Mexico as they go for FIFA World Cup. It is an analyzing segment not only for the fans but also for the team who judge themselves on the basis of their performance in the Friendlies and work to cover their discrepancies. Mexico being a brilliant team, the prospect of International Friendly Mexico becomes even more thrilling for the fans and they attend these games as religiously as the regular championships.  
An ardent sports lover would go to any lengths to pursue his passion and International Friendly brought something to give him an outlet to his enthusiasm for sports. ‘Friendlies’ is just a name for them as most of the times they can get as heated as an actual championship tournaments and that’s what attracts crowds and crowds of fans to International Friendly Mexico. Sales of International Friendly Mexico tickets are equally high every year as this is a unique idea of sports entertainment which fans adore.

Exhibition games or friendly matches are a popular source for entertainment. Many sports include friendly matches between teams to either allow them prepare for major tournaments, raise charity or to provide pure entertainment for fans. In soccer or football, friendly matches are highly famous amongst fans as they allow them to witness an entertaining match between top players as they compete not for any title but just for the love of game. At international level, the friendly matches take place during the club season, which has often caused problems between the availability of players. The international friendly matches are played between national teams and the matches witness masses of fans from both competing countries for national pride. One of the highly competitive teams at the international level is the national football team of Mexico. The International Friendly Mexico matches are watched and attended by Mexico’s wide base of football as well as sports fans who cherish every goal that their team scores. By acquiring International Friendly Mexico tickets, the audience can witness a high quality football match. 

International Friendly Mexico matches take place not only in Mexico but also at other destinations. The Mexican team is historically the most successful team in its Confederation, CONCACAF. The team has won two NAFC championship titles, one North American Nations Cups, six CONCACAF Gold Cups, nine CONCACAF Championships and one Confederation Cup. The team consist of professional players who posses exceptional skills and talent. The team has appeared fourteen times in the World Cup and has managed to reach the quarterfinals twice in 1970 and 1986. The Mexican team has been ranked number four by the FIFA rankings first in 1998 and later in 2006. Head Coach “Jose Manuel de la Torre” and Captain “Rafael Marquez” currently lead the renowned national team. They play at the “Estadio Azteca” stadium as their home ground. International friendly Mexico matches are highly anticipated by fans as well as sports lover to witness the popular Mexican players offer an exciting and exhilarating game.

International Friendly Mexico matches often see the best Mexican players compete against the rivals. The current squad for the upcoming international friendly Mexico matches includes Guillermo Ochoa, Carlos Salcido, Hugo Ayala, Enrique Perez, Pablo Barrera, Edgar Lugo, Claudio Suarez and Jared Borgetti. The match will see the best players compete from both national teams to deliver an electrifying and enchanting match for the audience. Currently the Mexican team is ranked at number twenty-two according to the FIFA rankings and at number thirteen by the World Football Elo rating. The friendly match will provide the managers and coaches the opportunity to re-align the players to form the perfect combination and team chemistry that will prove crucial for future tournaments and competitions. By acquiring International Friendly Mexico tickets, the fans can witness the Mexican team in all its glory as they take on Wales, Bosnia and Herzegovina national teams in their upcoming matches. 

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