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Soccer is played the whole year round! To the delight of the fans of the sport, soccer friendly matches are held when the concerned teams are not involved in a tournament. So the United States soccer fans should cheer up as a long list of International Friendly United States matches have been lined up this year. Get the International Friendly United States tickets now and enjoy the American soccer throughout the year!
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Before moving on to the details of International Friendly United States games, it is imperative to understand the importance of the International Friendly games also known as the ‘International Friendlies’. The purpose of these games is to prepare for the qualifying stages or final stages of a major tournament. These games are very important as the national soccer teams have very little time in which they could prepare for an international tournament. Moreover, they provide the managers of the teams to experiment with selection of the team and with tactics to be employed for the main tournament. In 2004, FIFA established the substitution rule where it restricted the number of substitutions to be made in a game to six. This rule was a result of the increasing number of substitutions which were making the Friendlies look more farcical. International Friendlies are considered proper games whose records are accepted and red card decisions are binding. The main difference between International Friendlies and Club Friendlies is that the former takes place during and not in-between the regular seasons of the club leagues. This has led to arguments between clubs and national associations on the players’ availability and their injury and fatigue issues. These issues plague the United States national soccer team as well.

The national association which controls the United States national soccer team is the United States Soccer Federation. According to the FIFA World Rankings, the international rank of the United States soccer team is twenty seventh. The highest ranking to have been experienced by the team is fourth in April 2006 and the lowest ranking to have been experienced is thirty fifth in October 1997. The team has been successful in qualifying for every FIFA World Cup since 1994. They hosted the World Cup in 1994 but they have yet to win the big one. However, they have improved with the passing time. In 2009, they reached the final of the FIFA Confederations Cup after defeating the number one Spanish team. They narrowly lost to the great Brazil team. Despite that, hopes are high for the team as they have performed well in the International Friendly United States matches so far. In the last couple of months, the team lost to Costa Rica, Belgium, Ecuador and France, but they won from Honduras, Slovenia, Italy, Panama and Venezuela in International Friendly United States games.

They will be playing against Brazil, Scotland, Canada and Mexico in the upcoming International Friendly United States contests. So what are you waiting for? Grab the International Friendly United States tickets before they are all sold out!
International Friendly took up the idea of bringing sports entertainment in a completely new way by bringing sports teams from around the world under one umbrella to play their hearts out without the worry of winning the prize money or the championship title. These events introduced the idea of playing for the sake of play and not following the rivalries. International Friendly provided a chance to the teams to analyze their performances before moving on to the main championships and for fans; it brought a chance to follow up on the complete activities of their favorite team. United States is also among all those teams who look forward to test their potential and so International Friendly United States brings a lot of chances of entertainment for its fans. International Friendly United States tickets are the tickets to lead to all the action which is as thrilling as any regular game season or championship.  
Also known as ‘Friendlies’, ‘exhibition games’ and ‘preparation matches’, these sporting events holds no competitive significance as there is no prize money, trophy or title to play for. The sole purpose that teams play for is either because they consider it as preseason or because they want to provide professional entertainment. In some cases, these events are also held for charity purposes. International Friendly takes place all around the world where teams play against other teams and also between the parts of a team. It brings a chance for the teams to familiarize with the ones they will be facing in the final championships and fans also get to see what they can expect from the final games. International Friendly United States brings the scrimmage between these teams which gets more than just a scrimmage in most cases and becomes as heated as any regular game.
United States men’s national soccer team is a team associated to United States Soccer Federation and is a part of CONCACAF where it has achieved as good as third position in the 1930 World Cup. The team enjoys at being number 27th in FIFA World Rankings and in World Football Elo Ratings, it stands on the 30th position. The team has been appearing in FIFA World Cups since the last six years and has played host to it in 1994. FIFA World Cup, CONCACAF Gold Cup and FIFA Confederations Cup are the events that United States takes part in. The team kept improving in its performance on the international level so much that it reached finals in FIFA Confederations Cup of 2009, losing narrowly to Brazil. The team has maintained a good position on the international soccer scene and so is the reason why International Friendly United States gets a lot of attention by all kinds of sports fans.  
Where the team has players like Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley, the idea of International Friendly United States become more fun. The event shows players at their best as they are trying out their potential to the full. This is the time where teams judge which players to keep for the championship on the roster based on their performances. It’s not only the fans that look forward to International Friendly but the teams also prepare well for it as this is the chance for them to work on their formation and strategies for which they do not get a chance otherwise. Teams also learn how to let go of the aim of playing for the title or prize money and polish their sportsmanship abilities. United States also comes to this event with the same aspirations and International Friendly United States tickets brings fans just what they want to satisfy their appetites with as much activities of their favorite team as they can.  
One of the most popular sports worldwide is soccer, a game religiously followed by millions of viewers around the world. Soccer, more popularly known as “football”, regularly draws the largest crowds of fans and the largest TV audiences for any sport and is considered the national sport and favorite pastime in many countries. The sport first came under the spotlight in 1994, when the 1994 World Cup was held in the USA, and drew a record audience of 3.6 million – a record which stands to this day. The sport’s reception in the United States was initially slow, however that has changed in recent years. In fact, Major League Soccer in the United States has become the 12th most attended premier division in the whole world. 
Soccer has garnered a strong and dedicated fan following in the United States, and millions of enthusiastic fans are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming game. The United States men’s team will be taking on a well established international team, Scotland in an international friendly. International Friendly United States tickets are selling fast, so make sure you get yours well before the upcoming game!

In the past couple of years, the US Soccer Men’s National Team has been the center of much attention. More than 4 million viewers followed the team’s game during the 2009 Confederations Cup Final, making it the fourth most watched event of its kind. Additionally, the 2009 CONCACAF cup at the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas, and the team’s outstanding performance in the knockout stage of the 2010 World Cup resulted in a massive increase in the popularity of Soccer in the United States. According to some sources, the 2010 FIFA World Cup final drew an audience of nearly 24 million viewers in the United States, becoming one of the top televised sporting events in the nation. Recently, a number of games between the US team and a number of international teams has been arranged in anticipation of the World Cup Qualifying Games which are just around the corner. In the last game, the US team shocked fans at home and abroad, with a victory over world champions, Italy. The red, white and blue rose to victory thanks to forward Clint Dempsey’s goal, and for the first time in 78 years and 11 games, managed to bring down the immensely powerful Italian team that manages to send shivers down the spines of even the most experienced and skilled opponents. While the International Friendly United States game against Italy was not a championship final, it certainly was an impressive show of skill and dedication that led to the US team making history. This huge victory has greatly boosted the team’s spirits, and this side is now looking forward to the upcoming International Friendly United States match against Scotland with anticipation.

The US Soccer Men’s National Team is coached by Jurger Klinsmann, a veteran soccer expert, who has played internationally, coached teams around the world, and also worked extensively in the sports media industry. As a player, Klinsmann appeared in more than 100 games for his native Germany, and scored 47 goals, helping his team win the 1990 FIFA World Cup and the 1996 European Championship. Klinsmann’s 17 year long coaching career includes work with Inter Milan and Bayern Munich, two of the most famous football clubs in the world. The current squad includes Jozy Altidore, and Edson Buddle making up the offensive line, backed by midfielders Clint Dempsey and Maurice Edu. The defense includes Carlos Bocanegra and Steve Cherndolo while Brad Guzan and Tim Howard are the team’s goalkeepers. Under the leadership of Kilnsmann, the team has dramatically improved its game on the field, and has shifted from a largely defensive style toward proactive game play.
In anticipation of the upcoming friendly games against some of the top international teams, the squad has been working extra hard with additional practice sessions and extra fitness training. The upcoming International Friendly United States gamesare guaranteed to see a lot of excitement and action, so get your International Friendly United States tickets today!

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