International Soccer Friendly Mexico Tickets

An International Soccer Friendly is a strange affair. There is not much at stake, such as points, award or trophies that are highly coveted in many major championships around the world, such as the African Cup of Nations or the Copa América and the FIFA World Cup. Hence an International Soccer Friendly entails a match that is only played for pride and pride alone. The get your International Soccer Friendly Mexico tickets for witnessing a phenomenon pitches two teams that have not only shared a long standing rivalry but also shared histories as former Spanish colonies.
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International Soccer Friendly has been played since as long as the sport of soccer itself. They are an ideal opportunity to give upcoming footballers a chance to show off their skills on an international platform without having to contend with the additional pressure of the typical competitive matches. Nonetheless, if the teams have been engaged in a heated rivalry for quite some time, such as Brazil and Argentina or have to contend with regional superiority such as England and Scotland, then an International Soccer Friendly can take on quite an "up and at 'em" state of affairs, such as will be borne out in the International Soccer Friendly Mexico event.  

The rankings in the international football scene play an important role in determining the quality of the match. The international governing body of FIFA is an important source for chalking up the rankings to see which teams playing against each other would make for a well-rounded and exhilarating match. The latest 2012 rankings place the 2010 World Cup champions Spain at the top of the pile with the big kahunas Brazil and Argentina relegated to the 5th and 10th spots respectively. The International Soccer Friendly Mexico matchup will have the teams of Mexico and Colombia, which have been placed at 22nd and 35th rank respectively, locking horns. However, the top players of a given team will often try to sit out an International Soccer Friendly by pulling up in training the previous day. And even if some of the top players do end up playing, they may hold back rather than risk an injury such as in a 50/50 tackle. 

In the upcoming International Soccer Friendly Mexico showdown, no doubt Mexico will be coming in hot, being ranked 13 places above rivals Colombia and having won or drawn most of their 2011 and 2012 matches as well as being the reigning CONCACAF Gold Cup holders two years running. However, Columbia clinched their last Copa América championship by beating Mexico as well as thwarted the latter's 2005 CONCACAF Copa de Oro championship bid in the quarter-finals. With the last friendly encounter ending in a win for Mexico, the Colombians are most definitely going to bring their A-game to the International Soccer Friendly Mexico match that is going to be played out in the 75,000-seater Sun Life Stadium, giving the sizeable Hispanic and Latino resident community a veritable treat. So book your International Soccer Friendly Mexico tickets now for some fiery soccer action between the two nations.

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