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For all the football fans out there, this is the perfect time to enjoy a great game. Jacksonville Jaguars are back in action once again, with more force to give you another ground breaking game this season. If you have been planning to go out on a sunny day and enjoy a football match then there cannot be anything better than choosing a Jacksonville Jaguars game. This professional football team of America has its center in Jacksonville, Florida.

Playing in the South Division of National Football League’s American Football Conference Jacksonville Jaguars are famous for their passion towards football. The team has got millions of fans all over the world. There has never been a single season when Jacksonville Jaguars fans are disappointed by its performance. Be it a game at any level the team has shown enough success and coordination to keep its fans happy.

Jacksonville Jaguars joined the National Football League with Carolina Panthers in 1995 they joined in as the expansion teams of the league. Situated close to the St. Johns River, EverBank Field is the venue for their home games. The headquarters Jacksonville Jaguars are also situated in the same stadium. The practice sessions and training camps of Jacksonville Jaguars are also held at the same stadium. Among the Big Four sports leagues, Jacksonville Jaguars is the only team to play in the Jacksonvillecity.

Jacksonville Jaguars have been in action since 1995, they have won 2 Division Championships along with making six appearances in playoffs. The football season of 1996 is regarded as one of the most prominent seasons for Jacksonville Jaguars because the finished the game with a record of 9–7 and won 6 games out of their last 7 games.

In American Football Conference the team played in the AFC Central from 1995 to 2001 and now Jacksonville Jaguars competes in the AFC South since 2002. Clad in their team colors of teal, gold, black and white Jacksonville Jaguars looks superb when they hit the ground. Every time they hit the field, fans are seen screaming with excitement calling out Go Jaguars! The team’s mascot is Jaxson de Ville, and its current owner is Wayne Weaver and Shahid Khan. He is expected to take the complete ownership of this team soon.

CEO and Chairman of Jacksonville Jaguars isWayne Weaver and with its General Manager Gene Smith the team is doing very good. Under the guidance of its Head coach Mel Tucker the team has surely progressed to a great extent. Jacksonville Jaguars is nicknamed as the Jags as well as Cardiac Cats by its fans. Football fans still remember its superb winnings like Division Championships in AFC Central during 1998 and 1999. The team has shown its brilliance and talents before and this season the fun of watching them hitting the field again is going to be more exciting for sure. Jacksonville Jaguars have made NFL playoff appearances in 2007, 1996, 2005, 1998, 1999, 2005 and 1997.

Jacksonville Jaguars are capable of leaving you dumbfounded with their unbelievable hits and superb shots. Watching Jacksonville Jaguars competing with strong teams likeHouston Texans as well as the Indianapolis Colts is going to be very exciting for fans. You are always going to find their playoffs most thrilling of all. Since the time of its inception this team has been presenting earth jerking games and superb players to the world, now is your chance to see this team crushing its opponent to defeat.

Seeing this action live in person is certainly going to be very entertaining, because watching football on television can never be as much interesting. So hurry up and make a plan with your friends to have a day filled with superb sports by professional football. With your Jacksonville Jaguars tickets your chances to enjoying their match will improve dramatically, so don’t waste any more time. get your Jacksonville Jaguars tickets today.

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