Jorge Arce Tickets

If you are a boxing fan and want to watch a live game, you must grab Jorge Arce tickets as the boxing championship is around the corner.  Jorge is a professional boxer from Mexico and is the 2nd Mexican boxer who has won four weight division titles in the world. Arce is the leading WBO Bantamweight Champion and ex- WBO Super Bantamweight, WBO Super Flyweight, WBA Super Flyweight, WBC Light Flyweight, WBO Light Flyweight, and WBC Flyweight champion. Fans favorite, he symbolically enters the ring in a black cowboy hat and a cherry lollipop in his mouth and for that reason, he has earned a nickname, "The Mexican Cowboy". When Arce was only sixteen, he won four fights in the ring and became a pro. At the age of nineteen he won a fight and turned out to be a world champion. Arce went on a four month break; in fact, he was laid off but when he came back to the ring, he won seven fights in a row and won a WBO regional belt. He beat Juanito Rubillar in 2001 for the title of Light Flyweight. In September 2004, Arce reserved the title with a 12-round decision in a game with Rubillar.

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Apart from boxing, Arce has also made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He took part in a TV show called Big Brother in 2003, acted in different TV comedy sketches, and also participated in “Bailando por un Sueno”, a dancing competition. This year Jorge is expecting to fight Nonito, who is a bantamweight champion and will also be taking on Donaire. Sports season is in its full swing as events such as boxing matches take place in your city. You must not miss it and get your Jorge Arce tickets in advance. Think of the excitement and adrenaline rush of watching your favorite boxer fighting live in the ring, giving his rivals a tough time. Your presence is very important to cheer these players up to win. It is going to be an interesting fight as the two greatest players of all times, Arce and Donaire come face to face with each other in ring. As Arce knocks out his opponents in the ring, fans go crazy screaming loudly for their favorite boxer.

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