Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Tickets

Combining the names of two of most renowned leaders in Ancient and modern history, Julius Cesar and Hugo Chavez, Julio César Chávez Jr. etched his own name in history, what with his scintillating boxing legacy that has set him at the roost of the WBC Middleweight category. He has been throwing punches for almost a decade and has never lost a fight, claiming 46 wins out of 48 encounters, two concluding in a draw and a no-contest. He is proudly following in the footsteps of his boxing legend of a father Julio César Chávez who is a six-time world boxing champion, that too in three different weight divisions. Knock down some Julio César Chávez Jr. tickets now to witness some furious boxing that will bash your senses and send thrills to your bones.

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Born in the Mexican city of Culiacan in 1986, Julio César Chávez Jr. used to accompany his brother Omar Chavez to the senior Chavez's fights. Hence he and his brother, who is also now a well established boxer himself, became familiar faces for his father's fans and thus started garnering recognition early on even before their own boxing careers had commenced. Though the two Chavez brothers had to face considerable media attention during their father’s much publicized affair with actress Salma Hayek and their parents' subsequent divorce, both boys came out strong and endured the emotional stress, channeling it into their burgeoning boxing career later on.  

Starting his amateur boxing career with a pair of bouts with Jorge Páez, Jr., another boxing legend's progeny, Julio César Chávez Jr. soon advanced the ranks into his professional debut, going up against fellow Mexican Jonathan Hernandez in 2003. Garnering his first win, he soon took on American Eugene Johnson and knocked him out in a two-round bout. Since then, there was no looking back for Julio César Chávez Jr., who claimed his first title of the  vacant WBC Youth World Light Middleweight one in 2004, delivering a Total Knockout (TKO) to American Mike Walker, reprising his performance two years later, blasting another TKO to American Jermaine White.

The run of Julio César Chávez Jr. clinching and retaining major boxing titles began in 2008 when he picked up the WBC Continental Americas Light Middleweight title and then successfully defended it in his next match against Giuseppe Loriga the same year. He won and retained the WBC Latino Light Middleweight championship the following year as well as the vacant WBC Silver Middleweight in 2010.

However, it was to be the crown of the WBC Middleweight championship that had his name carved on it. After claiming it in a fight in Staples Center in LA against former champion Sebastian Zbik, he has successfully defended it three times in a row respectively against Peter Manfredo Jr., fellow Mexican Marco Antonio Rubio and Andy Lee, and is up for another championship challenge thrown by Sergio Martínez, scheduled to be fought out in mid-August of 2012. So punch out some Julio César Chávez Jr. tickets pronto for some ringside viewing if a fiery showdown of punches and uppercuts.