Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Vs Sergio Martinez Tickets

The Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Sergio Martinez boxing match is one of the biggest highlights of boxing this season, a match that pits world champions against each other on the ring to determine who is the better fighter and survivor. Each of the pro boxers has distinguished himself by bagging many a title through such matches. For fans of boxing, this is one match that cannot be missed, a mindset many seem to hold since many have gone on to get Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Sergio Martinez tickets to catch the match live, in all its glory.

Julio Chavez Jr is one half of this match, a boxer who has fought in several weight divisions including Light Middleweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, Light Welterweight, Lightweight and Super Featherweight. A six foot tall Mexican pro boxer, he uses an orthodox stance while fighting and has participated in forty nine fights. He has won a stunning forty six of these; of the other three, only one is a loss with one a draw and the last, a no contest match. An amazing thirty two of his fights have been won by knockout, a remarkable number. He is a WBC Middleweight Champion and has also won several titles including WBC Silver Middleweight title, WBC Latino Light Middleweight title, WBC Continental Middlweight title and a number of other titles. He is one of the two boxers taking part in the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Sergio Martinez match.
Sergio Martinez is the other half of this boxing match. He is an Argentinean pro boxer who fights using the southpaw stance. He has participated in fifty four fights so far with the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Sergio Martinez fight one such. Of these, he has won fifty of which twenty eight are wins by knockout. He has lost two matches only and two have resulted in draws. He is the present WBC Middleweight Champion and The Ring Champion. He is ranked the third best boxer in the world by The Ring, ESPN, Sports Illustrated and even Yahoo! Sports. He has been awarded the Fighter of the Year Award several times by the BWAA and The Ring. He has also won the WBO Middleweight world title, the WBC Light Middleweight world title and the Interim WBC Light Middleweight world title.
These two spectacular pro boxers are a sight to behold in the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Sergio Martinez fight for an expression of boxing at its best. It is therefore hardly surprising that many get Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Sergio Martinez tickets to catch their fight live for it is bound to be a monumental occasion.