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In the grand tradition of their Native American eponymous counterparts, the Kansas City Chiefs have really had to live up to their grandiloquent title. This football team's creation was the very reason that the American Football League came into being and during their 5 decade history has been operated by the very founders of the now defunct AFL. They have won laurels during both theirs stints in the AFL and subsequently in the NFL after the two merged in 1970. Having embraced personas that have borrowed from both the native and settler traditions of the American Wild West, the Kansas City Chiefs have been maintained a familiar presence in AFL and NFL playoffs.
The Kansas City Chiefs had their origins in the late 1950s when Lamar Hunt came up against a virtual brick wall in his attempts to acquire an NFL franchise that he could base in his hometown of Dallas. However, Lamar had been spurred on after witnessing the classic '58 NFL Championship Game that saw the New York Giants clash with the Baltimore Colts and wasn't about to let up. In an act of flipping the bird to the NFL head honchos, Lamar went on to establish the American Football League , even countering ridicule , being dubbed as the "The Foolish Club" along with his seven fellow AFL team owners. Consequently, Lamar's AFL Dallas Texans rode their high horses for two years before going through rite of passage and coming out as the Kansas City Chiefs.

As if instilling alien knowledge in their draft picks, the Kansas City Chiefs initially held their training camp at the New Mexico Military Institute at Roswell. During the ten-year tenure with the AFL, the Kansas City Chiefs scalped their recruits from the annual AFL draft. Since 1970, following the AFL-NFL merger, the Kansas City Chiefs have only been made have the first overall selection once, i.e. in 1963 when they traded in quarterback Cotton Davidson to the Oakland Raiders and wound up with future Hall of Famer Buck Buchanan. In the 2011 NFL draft, the Kansas City Chiefs picked up a mix of veteran signees as well as rookie free agents, with wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin topping the selection as the 26th overall pick.

The Kansas City Chiefs started camping out in their current tipi the Arrowhead Stadium just two after their NFL induction. Since then they have added 6 AFC West Division championship wins to their prior 2 AFC West ones, and 12 NFL Playoff appearances to their previous 4 AFL ones. Riding to victory to 2 AFL championships, the Kansas City Chiefs speared the AFL-NFL Super Bowl Championshipthe same year when NASA chiefs apparently rocketed to their Super Bowl, the Apollo 11 moon landing.

During the last four years, the Arrowhead Stadium has been considerably upgraded to the tune of some $ 375 million, which is more than the GDP of the Federated States of Micronesia. So book your Kansas City Chiefs Tickets now to see them blast through rivals like Tomahawk missiles.

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