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One of the most popular horse races in the North American region, the Kentucky Derby is organized on an annual basis. It is among the events that enjoy the highest number of spectators in its genre. The Grade I Stakes Race with the name of Kentucky Derby was organized for the first time in 1875, and this long history gives the event a rich traditional color. The event takes place at Louisville, Kentucky. It is traditionally arranged in the month of May, usually on the 1st Saturday, and is a part of the Kentucky Derby Festival that continues for about two weeks. The length of the race track for Kentucky Derby is about 2 kilometers and is located at the Churchill Downs. There are many types of thoroughbred horses that participate in the event, including the Colts, Fillies and Geldings. According to the rules of the game, the Fillies carry about 121 pounds of weight on their back, while 126 pounds weight is present on the Geldings and the Colts.

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Kentucky Derby Louisville KY
Kentucky Derby tickets enable the sports lovers to be among the very few people who get a chance to witness the most amazing two minutes in sports. Kentucky Derby is also often referred to as the ‘Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports’ and ‘The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports’, as the average duration of the race is about two minutes. Sometimes the race is also known as ‘The Run for the Roses’, as the winner gets a beautiful blanket adorned completely with roses. The Kentucky Derby along with the Belmont Stakes and the Preakness Stakes is a part of the US Triple Crown. The horse that wins all the three races in the series gets to be the winner of the Triple Crown.
According to some estimates, the number of spectators at the event is more than any other horse race in the North American region, and it is therefore that the Kentucky Derby is often called the most favorite horse race of America. It was founded by Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr. who was inspired by the Epsom Derby in England. Clark was also the founder of many other horse racing events, namely the Kentucky Oaks, the Clark Handicap and the Falls City Handicap. He founded the Louisville Jockey Club when he returned to the city after a trip across the Britain and France, and having seen the famous horse races in those areas, his aspiration was to organize a local event of international caliber. After over a hundred years of Kentucky Derby, the event has now taken form of one of the most exciting and well awaited events in the region.
The prize money of Kentucky Derby is about 2 million US Dollars, but the participants are more interested in gaining the privilege of winning the event rather than the money. For all sports lovers, Kentucky Derby tickets offer an ultimate source of sporting entertainment!

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