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Lamont Peterson is the new boxing star making the sports headlines across the country. His unparalleled skills and thrilling matches are the highlight of every boxing event. Lamont Peterson has become one of America’s greatest young boxers who have risen to fame in recent years. He has achieved phenomenal success in boxing and is still on the move to make it big. No fear, no obstacle, and no competitor seem to deter this young professional from success.  His matches have become one of the most anticipated and most attended boxing matches throughout the world. With his fantastic fights, Lamont Peterson has won the hearts of millions of boxing fans.

Lamont Peterson has an inspirational story of his childhood that has served as an example for many. He was born in 1984 in Washington, District of Columbia. At a young age Lamont and his brother had to take to the streets and live the life of a homeless. With no parents and no roof over their head, both youngsters had to manage bare survival every day till the age of 10. The harshness of poverty helped Lamont Peterson develop into a strong individual not being dependent on anybody. The young boy was yet to discover how his life was about to be changed forever.
God had some plans for Lamont Peterson when he was discovered by Barry Hunter who was a local boxing coach. His life on the streets ended and life in the boxing ring began. His new coach gave meaning to his life and directed him towards sports. Intense Boxing practice and a new passion for this sport helped Lamont Peterson spearhead towards professional boxing. This diamond in the dirt was cut and polished to make one of the most glorious boxing champions in the nation.
Lamont Peterson hit the professional ring in 2001 and won his first ever “National Golden Gloves Lightweight Champion.”  In no time his intense practice and hard work paid off as he went on to winning many more amateur boxing matches. Two years later in 2003 Lamont Peterson won his first US Champion and took home this honorable boxing title. He took the show with his lightening speed strikes and amazing undercuts. He showed his superb boxing skills and became a sports icon. He gained recognition in his career after defeating numerous renowned boxers such as Rock Allen, Mike Alvarado, Andre Dirrell, and Willy Blain.
His professional boxing record has an unbelievable thirty wins form thirty two fights so far. With only a single losing match and a single draw, Lamont Peterson deserves all the love from his fans undoubtedly.  His upcoming matches with Amir Khan have the world waiting with anxiety as they are the top events this year. Fans line up in front of arenas way before the match begins, just to get a glimpse of Lamont Peterson. There’s nothing better than watching an excitement filled boxing match of one of the greatest boxing champions. So don’t wit any longer and get your Lamont Peterson tickets now before they sell out.

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