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To win a world title is every team’s dream but to actually pull it off consistently over a long period of time is the hallmark of a truly exceptional side which the St Louis Cardinals are. They are one of the biggest names in baseball history who have gone on to win every trophy, every title that there is to be won in the sport. The Cardinals fan base provides one of the cornerstones that have propelled the team to where it is today. Millions of St Louis Cardinals tickets will be bought by the supporters this year as well to turn it into another highly successful season.

The St Louis Cardinals was conceived in 1882 as the St. Louis Brown Stockings. The team started off on the right foot and soon had four AA pennants. The team was a part of the American Association back then and qualified for a modified version of the World Series two years in a row in 1885 and 1886. The team then moved to the National League and changed its name to the Cardinals in the year 1900.
The first two decades were spent in establishing the teams name in the division without too much success but things started to look up when for the St Louis Cardinals in 1920 when Branch Rickey joined as the General Manager. It proved to be a great move as Rickey started to transform the team from top to bottom. All the hard work paid off during the historic 1926 as the team not only won the National League pennant but also beat hot favorites Yankees to capture their first World title. Another pennant followed the next year with two more coming in 1930 and 1931. The St Louis Cardinals were beaten in the first of the two finals by Philadelphia Athletics but avenged that loss by reversing the tables on the Athletics in 1932 to capture their second World Championship. 1934 brought another pennant and a third World title for the team as they started to dominate that era consistently.
The second part of that decade went quietly but all the changed in 1941 with the signing of Stan "the Man" Musial. Stan is regarded by many as the greatest ever player in St Louis Cardinals history. He had talent in abundance and was one of the most destructive hitters of his time. On the field, the team started its domination again by winning the world title one more time in 1942. The St Louis Cardinals fell to the Yankees in the finals the next year but came storming back to win two more world titles in 1944 and 1946. Another quiet few years followed and Musial retired by the end of 1953. The franchise started to pick up its pace in the 1960’s to capture their seventh world title in 1964. They moved to their new home the Busch Memorial Stadium in 1966 and celebrated it by being crowned world champions in 1967.
The St Louis Cardinals took their foot off the pedal during much of the 70’s but as they had done previously, when they came back they came back with a bang. Ozzie Smith signed for the team in 1982 and the team won another world title that very same year which was followed by another lean patch. In 1998, Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire went head to head with the Cubs Sammy Sosa to break the record for most home runs in a single season. After all the dust had settled it was McGwire who came out on top with seventy home runs compared to Sosa’s sixty six.
As soon as the 2000’s came along it once again changed the St Louis Cardinals fortunes. The team won 105 games in 2004 to post the best record on their way to the division title. In 2005 the franchise moved to the Busch Memorial Stadium and captured their tenth world title in 2006. They recorded their ten thousandth win in 2009 before once again going to the top of the mountain in 2011 and winning a staggering eleventh world championship.
The St Louis Cardinals eleven world titles is a record for a team from the National League. They are a team that has come back fighting stronger and harder whenever people have written them off. Over three million people have bought St Louis Cardinals Ticketsfor each of the last eight years and that is one trend that doesn’t look like stopping any time soon.

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