Manchester United Vs Fc Barcelona

Manchester United Vs Fc Barcelona Tickets

Football is undoubtedly one of the most watched and followed upon sport in the entire world. The football fever isn’t just concentrated on the one part of the world, in fact it transcends borders. Apart from the World Cup, there are several leagues and football clubs all across the globe, which keeps the football fans on the edge of their seat, year in and year out. And when it comes to club football, nothing compares to the excitement that the European football scene brings to the fans of the sport. And just as the European League wrapped up with the final matchup between the two giants of the European football, Manchester United and Barcelona; both the teams are scheduled to go toe to toe with each other once again this year. As the Barcelona pulled up a victory, Manchester United will make an attempt to redeem itself in Manchester United Vs Barcelona.

Both the teams are up to the par, and boasts having some of the most highly talented players in their rosters. Manchester United and FC Barcelona are the two most successful and popular football clubs in European football. Both of them have enjoyed huge amount of success over their years of play, and as the two go head to head with each other, nothing could beat the excitement of that.

Manchester United or Man. United, traces its history back to 1878, when the club was originally established as the Newton Heath LYR Football Club. But later in 1902, the name of the club was changed to Manchester United and in 1910, the team relocated to Old Trafford. The first major accomplishment came to Manchester United in 1968, when they became the first English club to bring home the European Cup, with Matt Busby as team’s manager. But team has been taken to the new heights of success ever since Sir Alex Ferguson took charge of the team in 1986 as its manager. Under his management, the team has been able to win twenty seven major honors.

Over the years, Man U has claimed Four League Cups, Nineteen League Titles and Eleven FA Cups, becoming the most successful English Football club. In addition to these accolades, Manchester United has also won Club World Championship twice and European Cup thrice. It is not only one of the most successful football clubs in the world, it is also one of the wealthiest. With the net worth of over £1.13 billion, it is said to be the most valuable club in the entire world.

FC Barcelona or Barca, is no stranger in the world of club football as well. Based in Barcelona, Spain Barca is not only the reigning European and Spanish Football champion, but also the second most successful Spanish Football club. Barca came into existence back in 1899 and ever since then it has grown to become a symbol of Catalanism and Catalan Culture. The club is owned and operated by the supporters themselves, and stands as the second wealthiest Football Club in the world with regard to its revenue. FC Barcelona holds a fierce on-field rivalry with its fellow Spanish football club, Real Madrid. The fixtures between the two clubs are watched by thousands, and are referred to as “El Clasico”.

FC Barcelona’s success is not only contained in Spain only, in fact it is one of the most successful clubs in European Football. With eleven UEFA Championships to their name, club’s successes speak for themselves. In Spanish football, FC Barcelona has claimed Twenty One La Liga titles, Nine Spanish Super Cups, two League Cups and a record Twenty Five Spanish Cups. With all these accomplishments, they are the second most successful Spanish Football Club. In 2009, FC Barcelona completed the sextuple after it won all six competitions in which it competed. That year Barca won, La Liga, Champions League, Copa del Rey, UEFA Super Cup, Spanish Super Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup.

As clash between the Man. United and Barca shouldn’t be missed for anything, if you’re a true fan of the sport. So to make sure you don’t miss out on the spectacle, grab your Manchester United Vs Barcelona tickets oncheaprates here.