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The Maple Leaf Monster Jam is the spectacular Monster Jam event tour that is taking place in Canada and that will feature many of the greatest Monster Trucks and their drivers as well as a special new Maple Leaf truck especially built for this tour. This amazing tour is a Monster Jam event and it is a live motorsports event that is organized by Feld Entertainment and falls under the United States Hot Rod Association, the USHA. This event takes place mainly in the US but also goes to many other countries of the world for special events and tours such as this one, taking place in Canada . In fact, anyone who has watched this event on TV is bound to want to watch it live through Maple Leaf Monster Jam tickets, definitely a must see for everyone in Canada for the most entertaining and exciting time ever!
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The Maple Leaf Monster Jam, a tour that is part of the Monster Jam motorsports event organized by Feld Entertainment and falling under the USHRA, the US Hot Rod Association. It is composed of two different main competitions; the freestyle competition and the racing competition. Both these competitions feature Monster Trucks either racing against each other on the tracks or performing unbelievable stunts such as jumping over hills and piles of cars. These events are live events that are also broadcast on TV as special TV shows that are watched by millions in the US , Canada and many parts of the world. Aside from the freestyle and racing competitions, other events make up the Monster Jam motorsports event and this particular event, the Maple Leaf Monster Jam, features some surprising and new events.

The Maple Leaf Monster Jam is part of the many Monster Jam events and shows held all year all over the US as well as Canada. Many international tours have also been taking place across Europe . What makes these events even more incredible is the fact that special Pit Parties are held during each event in which fans not only get to meet their favorite driver and performer but also get a hands on look at the brutal machines that the performers drive. Added to that, fans also have special autograph sessions and the stars don’t leave until each fan is satisfied and until all autographs have been signed; in this live motorsports event, the performer isn’t royalty but the fan is. This is why many Monster Truck fans are loyal, dedicated and enjoyed ever last minute of every event as well as keep coming back to watch the event anew each year.

There are two types of competition in the Maple Leaf Monster Jam; the racing competition and the freestyle competition. These are the two main competitions with some events also having a donut contest and a wheelie competition. The wheelie competition is an exciting event in which the aim is to jump off the ramp as high as possible while staying perpendicular to the ground. Racing competitions involved bracket racing in which the monster trucks not only have to reach and cross the finish line but also do so with a minimum amount of penalties. Thus, the winner of a monster truck racing competition isn’t just the driver and truck who crosses the finishes line but the truck that crosses the finish line first with the lowest number of penalties.

The Maple Leaf Monster Jam’s freestyle competition is also one of the most exciting events. In this competition, drivers have to showcase their skills by driving over cars, performing tricks, showing off through stunts and even make the monster trucks dance on the tracks. The first World Finals Champion of this motorsports event was Tom Meents driving the truck Goldberg in the racing competition and Dennis Anderson driving the Grave Digger in the freestyle competition. In 2011, the driver Tom Meents driving the truck Maximum Destruction won the racing competition whereas the driver Jim Koehler driving the truck Avenger won the freestyle competition.

The Maple Leaf Monster Jam has also spawned a number of video games including Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction, Monster 4x4: Masters of Metal, Monster Jam and Monster Jam: Path of Destruction. The live event, seen by many via Maple Leaf Monster Jam tickets, is event more exciting than the game or the TV shows.

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