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The "Heat" is on and it has never been as hot as it is now. The NBA team Miami Heat has been off late injected with copious bursts of energy courtesy the "Big Three," namely LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Josh. Miami Heat has been power-playing for more than two decades and competes as members of the Eastern Conference's Southeast Division within the National Basketball Association and share representation of the state of Florida alongside Orlando Magic. The team is currently under the ownership of Micky Arison and is valued around $ 425 million, with its recent six-year deals with the "Big Three" to the tune of upwards of $ 100 million each. Book your Miami Heat tickets now to be seared by their sizzling moves.

Florida is typically called the Sunshine State, what with summer temperatures shooting up to 100 degree F. However, in 1988 a new phenomenon started to pour out its fiery exuberance that instantly began to pervade the environs of Florida. Miami Heat arose as a result of the NBA expansion into Floridian franchises. With several groups from Orlando, Miami and Tampa vying for pushing the ballsy sport into the Sunshine State, the deal finally went to the Orlando and Miami. Previously, the denizens of Florida had enjoyed the ball-playing shenanigans of the ABA Floridians and with Miami Heat starting its beat in the 1988-99 season, the fans of the sport finally started basking in its popularized glory.

Struggling with their initials draft picks, the fledgling team soon started to get a hang of the ropes and attempted to use their second round expansion draft pick Grant Long as a virtual battering ram. However, the team kept losing steam during their first seventeen games but clinched their 18th games by one point over the LA Clippers and in the years to come, upped the ante by inducting the likes of Glen Rice, Tim Hardaway, Shaquille O'Neil, Alonzo Mourning, Dwyane Wade and finally Lebron James and Chris Josh in 2010.

Miami Heat has blazed through eight Division titles that includes a streak of a quartet of consecutive wins from 1997-2000. Alighting upon two conference titles, Miami Heat went on to convert the first one in to their first NBA championship in 2006 whilst firing on all cylinders. The championship winning power squad was lead by none other than Shaquille O'Neil, who unleashed his "Shaq attack" upon the Dallas Mavericks, eventually robbing them of the hotdogging. Miami Heat also singed the NBA playoffs some 15 times during its 23 seasons of playing.

Donning white whilst at home in the American Airlines Arena and attired in black whilst away, Miami Heat pound their rivals aggressively whilst their "hot" dancers bring up the rear with their steamy prancing and tantalizing grooving. However, all eyes are on the scintillating entities that are packing heat every time they take to the court, such as the likes of NBA MVP/Scoring Champion and eight-time All-Star selection Dwayne Wade. So score some Miami Heat tickets now to behold some pulsating players perform their fiery jig.

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