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Sports are an integral part of life for any student studying at university level. In the United States, every single university present within its borders is involved and associated with various different sports, and as a result, each university has its own set of varsity sports team. One university that has been associated with a total of 27 varsity sports teams and is considered by many as one of the front runners in different sports has to be the Michigan Wolverines. The team has been successful enough to have been in the top ten finishers in a total of fourteen out of sixteen Director’s Cup seasons. It is a highly respected streak in the sporting community. The Director’s Cup is awarded to the university that sees the best collective track record in all forms of college sports that are played across different universities in the United States.
The Michigan Wolverines is associated with the University of Michigan. Under the name are a total 27 varsity sports team out of which thirteen teams consists of men whereas the remaining fourteen teams consist of women. Apart from the men’s ice hockey team and the women’s water polo team, all other teams that play under the Michigan Wolverines name play in the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and also in the prestigious Big Ten Conference of all sports. The men's ice hockey team, on the other hand, takes part in the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division 1. Lastly, the women's water polo team takes part in the Collegiate Water Polo Association which is an inter-divisional league in the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The teams are represented by a total of two colors which are dubbed the true colors of the University of Michigan.These two colors are blue and maize. Although the exact shade of the colors mentioned have changed over the course of history, the two still remain in general as the representative colors of the teams that play under the Michigan Wolverines name. Perhaps the most recognized symbol or icon of the Athletics Department of the University of Michigan has to be the fabled winged football helmet. It is a helmet that bears a paintjob that is distinctively two-toned. The design has sharp outward curves in two differentiating colors that move over the forehead and forms, what seems to be, a wing.

In terms of championships, the Michigan Wolverines has quite a history. They have won the national champions in a total of four major sports. They won the nationals in baseball for a total of two times; one in 1953 and the other in 1962. They also won the men’s basketball national championships in 1989. They have also won the field hockey national championships in 2001. They have won the football national championships by a mammoth total of eleven times, the latest coming in 1997. They have also been successful in winning the men’s golf national championships two times. They have won the men’s gymnastic national championships a total of four time with the latest coming in 2010. They have won the ice hockey national championships a total of nine times with the latest coming in 1998. They have won the softball national championships once and that was in 2005. They have also won the men’s tennis national championships once in 1957. They have won the men’s track and field national championships once and that was way back in 1923. They have won the men’s trampoline national championships for two consecutive years; 1969 and 1970, and were they only trophies in the sport for the Michigan Wolverines.

Their biggest success in any field of sport belongs to the men’s swimming and diving national championships. They have won this event a behemoth total of 18 times with their latest championship coming in the year 1995. The Wolverines also holds a total of 292 individual titles in the different sports they are associated with, out of which 260 of those titles belong to men whereas the remaining 32 titles belong to women. The Wolverines have ranked at the number one spot in the Big10 rankings in eleven seasons out of the last eighteen ending in 2011. It has also ranked in the top five in the national rankings for ten seasons out of a total of eighteen. Overall, it is one of the most successful varsity franchises in the United States and one of the most respected ones as well.

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