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Miguel Cotto is the orthodox stance, professional boxer from Puerto Rico who at the mere height of 5 foot 7 inches has established himself as the ultimate fighting hero. He has won the WBA Light Middleweight Super Champion and has attained the envious rank of a four-time world champion in the weight divisions of Light Welterweight, Welterweight and Light Middleweight . The talent for winning such challenging combat sports is perhaps something that runs in the boxer’s family since his younger brother and cousin are also well-known notable fighters too. At the age of thirty-one, Miguel Cotto is a 10 year pro who already has an immaculate boxing record of 36 wins from 38 fights, contending a 95% victory rate.
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At the age of twenty-three in 2004, Miguel Cotto took the WBO junior welterweight world title from a fight against Brazil ’s Kelson Pinto that was hosted by the World Boxing Organization. The two had already battled twice as amateurs, with Pinto winning the game both times. This third fight between the twain was wildly anticipated by the Puerto Rico boxing fans in particular, and was televised by HBO. In the dual Cotto unarguably brought the defensive stance to his advantage by raising his hands at a position higher than he did otherwise and delivering three knockdown blows by the sixth round. In this match Cotto showed a set of pugilistic skills other than his usual traditional orthodox stance moves. From here on Miguel Cotto proved his title by beating Randall Bailey, a former world fighter, by knocking him down in the sixth round as he did with Pinto. In the aftermath of this fight Cotto’s combat techniques were credited for unflinching accuracy and unwavering hand speed.

In 2005, Miguel Cotto tickets venued the grand fight at Madison Square Garden, gathering thousands around for his challenge with Mohammad Abdulaev, the Olympic gold medalist. The two opponents had already fought as amateurs back in the Sydney Olympics of 2000 when Cotto lost badly in the first round. He gained much support from his fans before the fight encouraging him to throw big hits on the opponent’s head and body right from the first round while mostly utilizing the defensive stance. Abdulaev did well in the sixth and seventh rounds, but as the dual progressed his eye suffered serious swelling in the eighth round and finally by the ninth round he was not allowed to continue by the doctor. This brought the Welterweight championship title to Cotto. By 2007, Miguel Cotto had further proved his mettle and flawless fighting craft in challenges with well known fighters like the undisputed, five-time winning, Welterweight champion Zab Judah and the American professional, Shane Mosely.

Later in 2010, Miguel Cotto took the TKO from Yuri Foreman, the then WBA super Welterweight champion. Throughout the long and arduous fight, Cotto masterfully countered Foreman’s well-reputed speedy moves and by the seventh round Cotto’s vigorous ability to combat superseded Foreman’s, leaving him vulnerable to the aggravation of an earlier knee injury. For the remaining time in the ring the latter continuously limped and painfully struggled until the heightened ninth round when Miguel Cotto, blow after blow, caught Foreman to throw a final punishing shot at him, coming out as the honored champion. The Miguel Cotto tickets are sure to bring such ultimate brawling fights, while giving the opportunity to witness a dexterously skilled demonstration of an orthodox stance by a pugilist who happens to be left-handed, which makes the fight all the more exciting.

Miguel Cotto’s career boasts of the Hall of Fame credentials, being the most successful Puerto Rican who has courageously defeated some of the biggest-act fighters, alongside becoming a veteran of 18 world championship contests. At Las Vegas in the March of 2011, he grabbed another TKO victory by winning from the boxer with a two-time champion, Ricardo Mayorga. According to Kevin, a Yahoo fighting analyst, Miguel Cotto made a remarkable win having trained hard the previous year with Emanuel Steward. In the 12th round, he invincibly won from Mayorga despite the fact that the latter had admittedly trained as hard as ever for his 38 fights. It is Cotto’s jabbing skills that allowed him to slip beneath Mayorga heavy punches and instead fiercely bludgeon stronger blows.

Cotto is currently training with Pedro Diaz for the upcoming matches, making sure his fans go home victorious as ever. So get the Miguel Cotto tickets, recharge your batteries and be there to scream support.

Miguel Angel Cotto Vaquez was born on 29 th of October, 1980 in Rhode Island. He is a professional boxer who is a Puerto Rican by nationality and is a WBA Light Middleweight Super Champion. Miguel is better known by his nickname, Junito . His older brother whose name is Jose Miguel Cotto and cousin named Abner Cotto, are both professional boxers. Junito has won the title of World Champion four times in three weight allotments, in Light Middleweight, Light Welterweight and Welterweight. Cotto has been into at least thirty-eight fights out of which he has won thirty-six and lost only two. This guy is an all time champion whom you should not miss watching live on stage or in a boxing ring. This is specially for those boxing fans that are crazy for this sports, come and purchase your Miguel Cotto tickets now and have the time of your lives.

Miguel Cotto started his professional debut into the world of boxing at the age of 20 in February 2001. For the World Boxing Organization junior welterweight title in September 2004, his opponent was from Brazil called Kelson Pinto with whom he had previously fought with and Pinto was the winner in the last two fights between them. This fight of Cotto is significant because here he did not use his usual aggressive traditional posture, but instead his used a defensive posture keeping his hands up high. He was able to achieve at least three knockdowns and in the sixth round he snagged the title of World Boxing Organization Welterweight Championship . Same year in December, Cotto defended his title by defeating Randall Bailey in the sixth knockout round, who was the previous World Champion. His performance in this match was expressed as an effect of hand accuracy and speed. After approximately eleven days, the boxing commission in Puerto Rico declared Miguel Cotto as Puerto Rico’s Fighter of the Year 2004.

In 2005, Cotto defended his title against Demarcus Corley in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Over the course of first round, Cotto’s fighting stance was much more aggressive than standard and between the fight both Cotto and Corley traded illegal low blows which caused one point to be deducted from each of them. Again Miguel Cotto was crowned as the winner of this fight. But the most critical time for Cotto personally was when his friend and stablemate, Joseph Serrano who was a 2004 Olympian was shot in the head as he was leaving the Bairoa gym. Even though Serrano survived, he was in critical condition at the local hospital. Same year in June Cotto faced Mohamed Abdulaev belonging from Uzbekistan, who was a previous Olympic gold medalist. During the fight Abdulaev was severely injured by Cotto and pronounced by the ringside doctor as unable to continue, and this is how Miguel Cotto was able to achieve the Welterweight Division Championship as well.

In 2006, Miguel Cotto gave up his title and challenged Carlos Quintana for the WBA World Title and was able to gain this new title. In 2007 November, Cotto won the WBA World Title Defense against Shane Mosley who was a former super welterweight, welterweight, and lightweight world champion. Both fighters gave an excellent performance and were injured in the fight, but Miguel was able to snag this title from Mosley simply because he was faster and more aggressive. Miguel Cotto’s style of boxing is aggressive but with good skills and fast movement. When he is performing at his level best, he keeps the pressure on his opponent and wears them down. Cotto is naturally talented as he belongs to a family with strong boxing background and so far in his career he has faced many experienced opponents and defeated successfully.

So folks the small tidbits about Miguel Cotto’s life might have given you some insight about this boxing champion and what is held in store for you once you come see him. Not only that, but you will be able to see up-close and live right in front of you while he give you the most amazing performance you have ever seen. Might as well bring your family, friends and loved ones to enjoy this spectacular performance and experience the excited atmosphere created by this professional boxer. So why wait any longer, buy your Miguel Cotto tickets as fast as you can and get your hands on the best seats available in the house because this might be once in a life time chance for you and you would not want to miss it.

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