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The Milwaukee Bucks is a spectacular pro basketball team that plays in the Central Division of the NBA’s Eastern Conference. This amazing American pro basketball franchise was founded in 1968 and has been known by its original name since then. The team’s home arena is located in the city of Milwaukee within the state of Wisconsin and is known as the Bradley Center . This team has as its official colours white, natural red, hunter green and silver. The owner of this NBA franchise is Herb Kohl with John Hammond as is general manager and Scott Skiles as the head coach. In the D-League, the Fort Wayne Mad Ants are affiliated with this team. This is a team with many championships and titles to its name, a team many see live through Milwaukee Bucks tickets for a look at the best in NBA pro basketball.

The Milwaukee Bucks have won many titles over the course of their career in the NBA. This team has won one mind blowing NBA Championship, the greatest championship in the NBA, a feat the team managed in 1971 after just two years in the NBA. Aside from that, this team has won two Conference titles; the first in 1971 and the second in 1974. This team has also won not one but a record thirteen Division titles. These were won consecutively from 1971 to 1974, in 1976, consecutively from 1980 to 1986 and in 2001; a team with eleven out of thirteen Division titles won consecutively. Seven of the team’s numbers have been retired.

The Milwaukee Bucks have been home to some of the greatest players the NBA has ever seen. This includes Kareem Abdul Jabbar, known also as Lew Alcindor, who is regared as the greatest player in the NBA and alongside Michael Jordan as one of the two greatest players in the NBA; he even surpasses Michael Jordan in a number of records. Aside from Kareem Abdul Jabbar, this team has also been home to Bob Lanier, Michael Redd, Ray Allen and Oscar Robertson, some of the greatest players the NBA has ever seen. This franchise was formed when the Milwaukee Professional Sports and Services Inc was awarded a franchise by the NBA. This group was led by Marvin Fishman and Wesley Pavalon.

In 1968, this team played its first regular season in the NBA with its first game being against the Chicago Bulls in front of a crowd eight thousand plus large. The Milwaukee Bucks first win was against the Detroit Pistons in the team’s sixth match; they won by 134-118. The first draft pick of this team resulted in them picking one of the greatest players in the NBA, Lew Alcindor formerly part of the UCLA basketball team. Lew Alcindor not only made this team respectable overnight but also led the team to make an all time NBA record. The team finished its season by 52-26 and has the second best record in the NBA at the time. Not only that but this amazing twenty nine game improvement was touted as the Best in the History of the NBA, a record that would remain unbroken for ten good years. During that season, this team went on to defeat the Philadelphia 76ers not once but in five games with Lew Alcindor winning the NBA Rookie of the Year Award.

The next season, the Milwaukee Bucks acquired Oscar Robertson and in their third season in the NBA they finished with the second Most Wins in the History of the NBA and then made an NBA Record of a twenty game win streak. This was followed by dominating the playoffs with a 12-2 record and then winning the NBA Championship. Thus, by winning the NBA Championship in their third season, this is a team that is regarded today as the Fastest Expansion Team in the History of the NBA to win the NBA Championship.

Today, this NBA Champion and the fastest expansion team in the NBA’s history is a team that has many of its players including Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Oscar Robertson inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. These are players who many have seen live through Milwaukee Bucks tickets and who have won many awards including the NBA MVP of the Year, the NBA Finals MVP, the NBA Defensive Player of the Year and the NBA Rookie of the Year.

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