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Minnesota Vikings is a professional football team belonging to National Football League. The franchise was established in 1961 as an expansion team and plays under National Football Conference’s North Division. The name "Minnesota Vikings" was selected on 27 th of September, 1960. The name comes from the "Scandinavian" culture of Minnesota. Since the very beginning the team had a great support and even in their first season they managed to have 34,586 people attending the game, which filled "Metropolitan Stadium" 85% of the seating. Minnesota Vikings tickets continue to sell out real quick even today.

Minnesota Vikings won their very first season in 1961, beating Chicago Bears 37 – 13. Although the team had a grand starting, it was followed by a losing streak. They lost remaining seven games and the bad luck continued throughout most of the 60’s. Their first seven seasons ended up with losing 59 games, winning 32 and one season win in 1964. However, during 1969, team made a record of 12 – 2, winning straight twelve seasons, an NHL best record. On 4 th of January, 1979, Vikings won National Football League championship by defeating Cleveland Browns 27 – 7. They became the very first modern NHL team to win NFL championship.

Minnesota Vikings were named "The Purple People Eaters" during seventies, because of their stubbornly strict defense. Their player Alan Page was awarded by the Associated Press the NHL’s "Most Valuable Player Award". In 1973, the team managed to end the seasons with 12 – 2 record, they reached Super Bowl for the second time but did not manage to win again. In 1974, they won yet another Division championship.

The team has suffered ups and downs throughout their career. As of 2006, they have been known for their accomplished defense. Their defense line is referred to as the "Great Wall of Purple" and "Thunder Plunder". They haven’t had any notable successful season in the recent past, 2010 season being one of the most disappointing seasons for the Vikings, ending up with a record of 6 – 10.

Minnesota Vikings have a theme of purple, gold and white. Since the beginning of the franchise, they have used the same colors, with minor alterations time to time. As a reflection of Viking heritage, their logo is either a horn or the blond norseman. They’ve had different mascots in the past, but their current mascot is "Ragnar" who has been with Vikings since 1994. Ragnar is originally Joseph Jurantich and he claims that he is world’s most recognized mascot. Their fight song is Skol, Vikings .

Minnesota Vikings play their home games at "Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome". It is a sports stadium located in the downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is National Football League’s ninth oldest stadium and is known by many different names such as "The Homer Dome", "The Thunderdome" and simply "The Dome". The roof of the stadium is specially fiberglass designed is supported through air-pressure. It is world’s second arena to have this feature. The arena has a capacity of equipping 64,111 fans. It is a home for American football, basketball and baseball and has a SuperTurf surface.

Till the date, Minnesota Vikings have been able to win one National Football League Championship (1969), have appeared in playoffs twenty-six times, and have won eighteen Division Championships and four Conference Championships. Thirteen of Viking players have been included in Pro Football Hall of Fame as well as Jim Finks , General Manager and Bud Grant , Head Coach. Some of the players that have been included in the ‘Hall of Fame’ are, Warren Moon, John Randle, Ron Yary, Jim Langer, Paul Krause, Carl Eller and Dave Casper . Viking’s biggest rivalry goes against Chicago Bears. Other famous rivalries are against Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions. If you wish to watch them live at the stadium, now is the right time to book your Minnesota Vikings Tickets from us!

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