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The Mississippi Rebels is the official football team of the University of Mississippi, they are also known as the Ole Miss . The Mississippi Rebels were the first football team in the state and ever since have been the influence for many other teams nationwide. Their great football games and exciting plays have audiences gathering up at every match. The team was founded in the year of 1890 by A.L Bondurant who was the dean of the graduate school at the University of Mississippi. With the help of students and funding from various sources, the athletic department of the university was set up. It initially focused on football, baseball, and tennis. Mississippi Rebels are a part of the NCAA Division 1 and the Western Division. They have claimed 3 National Titles and 1 Division Title over the recent years. Still active on the field, Mississippi Rebels give opponents one tough match to play.

The early history of Mississippi Rebels has some amazing wins that gave it a firm foundation in the field of football. With Bondurant himself as the coach of the newly established football team, they won 4 out of 5 games against Union University, and Southwest Baptist University. Mississippi Rebels first games on the field proved fruitful and boosted the energy level. The victory made it the one of the best football teams in the nation. Crowds became fans of the team due to the outstanding matches and glorious wins it achieved even though it was new in the field. Many popular caches have coached the Mississippi Rebels since its establishment. Current coach Houston Nutt has taken Mississippi Rebels on a journey of victory and has successfully coached it towards success. Previous coaches that took the reign of victories include Ed Oregon, David Cutcliffe, Tommy Tuberville, Billy Brewer, Steve Sloan, and Ken Cooper.

With the passage of time, Mississippi Rebels experienced many ups and downs. However their strength was to keep up the hard work and play to win. Its history is full of memorable football games that are still now remembered by fans all over. Some of the most recent and most terrific football seasons for Mississippi Rebels were in 2008. It was in this year when the Texas tech raiders were beaten by the Mississippi Rebels in the Cotton Bowl Classic. In 2009 Mississippi Rebels were rated as the #8 by the Associated Press Poll which was an honorable moment for the coach and the team.

Mississippi Rebels bring in the excitement level amongst crowds when they enter the stadium in their gray, red and blue uniforms. Their colors reflect love for their country and association with their university. Rebel bear has been the team’s mascot for over many years and has proved to be their lucky charm at each match. Mississippi Rebels uniforms and sports gear is all under contract with super sorts brand Nike. The team not just focuses on its game, but also stays the best in presentation and equipment. The rivalry of Mississippi Rebels never seems to end with Louisiana and MSU bulldogs, their matches have proved to be fierce and full of thrill for audiences. Games between these teams are pure football entertainment and guarantee a phenomenal match. Mississippi Rebels have taken part in 33 Bowl Games in which they have taken the trophy 21 times which gives it a ranking of #12. Mississippi Rebels outstanding players and coaches who have shown great performance have been listed in the football hall of fame; these include players such as Archie Manning, Charles Conerly, and Barney Poole.

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