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The monstrous roar of the super charged beats resounds through the arena as they lurch and dart forward, eager to get ahead of each other, their chains thrusting them forward instead of restraining their awesome power. Though this spectacle seems to be right out of a brutal gladiatorial event a la Ancient Rome, it is just the depiction of things heating up at the Monster Energy Cup. This is a competition to determine which of the pitted, metal-bodied and rubber-treaded monstrous motorcycles packs in the most oomph for the force being churned out by their dirt-bike engines. Spawned out of the Supercross motorcycle racing phenomenon some four decades ago, the Monster Energy Cup has become the premier event of motorcycle mayhem. With a purse of $ 250,000 and shot at a whopping $ 1 million, the event generates copious buzz and ripple of excitement amongst the enthusiasts every time it rolls around. Lock down some Monster Energy Cup tickets to blast your senses to smithereens.

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1974 witnessed the emanating of a unique form of energy from a virtual unearthly source. The "Monstrous Energy" seeped into the stock motorcycles that were being modified with raised suspensions and dirt tires and morphed them into howling and screeching mean machines that started tearing up the tracks that had been formed for them in special enclosures within baseball and football stadiums. Having a predecessor in Motocross, Supercross dials down the speed and pumps up the power of the two-wheeled machines manifold, whereby increasing the level of technical difficulty. Over the decades, Supercross events have been heavily advertised and televised and are overseen and sanctioned typically by the American Motorcycle Association (AMA).
The level of performance and the power that abounds in the Monster Energy Cup has pitted it just second to the NASCAR racing phenomenon that has become the emblem of the sedentary, beer chugging and snack food binging lifestyle of the typical American. The bikes that are allowed to participate in the event have engine capacities ranging from 125cc, dubbed as MX2, 250cc titled as MX1 to 500cc that is termed as MX3.
Though the AMA Supercross Championships have been held annually since 1974, the World Supercross Championship was formed in 2003 and transformed into the Monster Energy Cup in 2008 after it merged with the former. The competition features three main events that though featuring a racing circuit, have specially designed mounds, hurdles, twists and turns thrown in the middle that are a combination of Supercross and Motocross styled tracks.
The reigning Monster Energy Cup holder is Ryan Villopoto who not just bagged the 217-pound trophy in 2011 but also the $1 million prize by winning all three main events, posting an average time of 1:30 per lap. All riders claim that the competition's track is tougher than that of conventional Supercross and Motocross ones, what with the track for the 2012 event having been designed by five-time AMA Supercross champion Ricky Carmichael. So snag your Monster Energy Cup tickets now for beholding these radical riders gouge chew up the track with their manic machines.