Monster Energy Supercross World Finals

Monster Energy Supercross World Finals Tickets

The Monster Energy Supercross World Finals, part of the AMA Supercross Championship and the World Supercross Championship, is a spectacular series of events that feature supercross racers battling it out on the tracks to determine who is going to be the winner of the World Supercross Championship. Supercross is a spectacular motorcycle racing sport that is similar to motocross but is different in many ways and is even more difficult and exciting that motocross. It is a sport that involves off road motorcycles racing against each other on dirt tracks that are filled with breathtaking obstacles and steep jumps that rattle the bones of any racer. Pro supercross competitions and races are held many times a year each year and usually occur in artificial dirt tracks made in pro football and pro baseball stadiums all over America . Each year, a spectacular series whose finals can be seen through Monster Energy Supercross World Finals tickets occurs and its pits the greatest supercross racers against each on the track.
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In the Monster Energy Supercross World Finals, not only do supercross racers have to battle it out against each on the dirt tracks but also have to avoid obstacles and properly maneuver steep jumps. A slight mistake and a racer is left behind; it is a competition that is filled with adrenaline and excitement, a must see for fans of extreme sports, motocross, supercross and extreme motorcycle racing. The tracks are also off-road dirt tracks and thus make the races even more difficult. Supercross as a sport is a derivative of motocross and is thus similar in many ways but also different in many huge ways. As compared to motocross events, supercross events are more heavily seen on TV and advertised as well as held in the biggest American cities. These events are also much more difficult, more risky and more technical thus making them the extreme version of motocross and a must see for anyone fond of extreme sports.

The Monster Energy Supercross World Finals is part of the supercross, an off-road motorcycle racing competition filled with obstacles and jumps. This motorsports is heavily covered on TV and was the first ever high successful motocross race to have been organized in a US stadium. In fact, it became so famous that it was dubbed as the Super Bowl of Motocross with the first event occurring in 1972 in the Los Angeles city’s Los Angeles Coliseum. The first even was won by the sixteen year motorcycle racer, Marty Tripes, and it was a competition that featured the best in the world of motorcross racing head to head in a new way on a dirt track filled with obstacles. Today, the American Motorcyclist Association’s supercross series is the greatest in the world of supercross and there are other series including the THQ series that ends up in the THQ Supercross Championship.

The Monster Energy Supercross World Finals, finals of the World Supercross series sponsored by Monster Energy, is part of the greatest motorsport, supercross. Supercross is so popular today that it comes second only to the NASCAR races when it comes to popular and fame. Each year, the AMA holds competitions to award winners with three Supercross Championships. These are divided into the 250 Class Champion, the Lites East Champion and the Lites West Champion. Championships are also awarded based on the cc of the motorcycle with it divided into 125cc, 250cc and 500cc with these three respectively known as MX2, MX1 and MX3.

The first Monster Energy Supercross World Finals winner, the World Supercross Champion, was Chad Reed who won it in 2003. In 2011, Ryan Villopoto won the World Supercross Championship with James Stewart Jr and Ricky Carmichael tying for the most wins at two championships each. This is as such a sport that is a must see for fans of motorsports and for fans of supercross through Monster Energy Supercross World Finals tickets for a look at the most exciting extreme sports ever seen, the second most popular in the US right behind NASCAR racing!

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