Nascar Sprint Cup Series Irwin Tools Night Race Tickets

One of the most exciting car racing series presented by NASCAR is the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. It has a unique winning system which is points based. Depending upon the number of laps led and finishing placement, a driver is given a particular number. To make car racing even more interesting, NASCAR has divided this Series into two parts, the first segment comprises of 26 races and the second, 10 races. Only twelve drivers are allowed to compete in the second round. Since second round is the final round, it is also called the Chase for the Championship.
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The very famous Daytona 500 is also part of this Series. Daytona 500 is also the most prestigious race, which is viewed by 16 million people on television alone. What makes this Series different from other race series is the body of its participating cars. With powerful engines but simple body structure, not very aerodynamic and high weight, these cars are very hard to handle. Driving these rather difficult cars takes an expert driver. The combination of speed and driver’s expertise makes this Series so exciting for the fans.

Some of the manufacturers whose cars have won the Series are Chevrolet, Ford, Buick, Oldsmobile, Dodge, Mercury, Plymouth, Pontiac, Chrysler and Hudson. As could be easily gauged from this list, all the car manufacturers are Americans. Other interesting trivia about this Series is that the youngest driver to have won the Sprint Cup Series was Joey Logano , who was only 19 years old at the time of win. Harry Grant , at the age of 52 won this Series, which makes him the oldest driver. Richard Petty and Jeff Gordon are tied with most wins. Petty also has the honor of being the only driver with most career wins.

The Irwin Tools Night Race is also NASCAR Sprint Cup Series stock car race, which takes place in Bristol, Tennessee. It takes place in August and usually on a Saturday night. The venue for this very famous racing event is Bristol Motor Speedway. This race is aired on ABC television channel and before ABC it was covered by ESPN. The race gets its name from its sponsor, Newell Rubbermaid’s brand, Irwin Industrial Tools. In addition to above mentioned car manufacturers, Toyota, too has fielded its cars in this Series. Toyota is also the winner of 2010 Irwin Race, when Kyle Busch won this prestigious race series.

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