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The Nashville Predators is a professional ice hockey team that falls under NHL’s Western Conference. The Conference’s Central Division houses the team. The Nashville Predators is a franchise under the ownership of Thomsan Cigarran. Barry Trotz, is its lead man whereas Shea Weber performs the captaincy. Milwaukee Admirals and Cincinnati Cyclones are NHL affiliates of the Predators. Bridgestone Arena is the team’s home ground where it not only practices and trains but also plays its home games. Nashville the city and Tennessee are all about country music and their raging sporting culture. The Predators carry the Gnash, the team’s mascot in the true colors and spirit of its home’s love for ice hockey. Fiercely competent and loaded with a commendable portfolio the Nashville Predators are on of NHL’s strongest teams. As a team the Nashville Predators have not secured the Stanley cup or other Divisional or Conference Championship titles. Yet at the individual level, the team members have cemented great stature. The Lester Patrick and Bill Masterton Memorial are two trophies that belong to star Predators. Roger Crozier Saving Grace Award is also the possession of a former Predators member.The history of ice hockey in Tennessee suggests a rather late entry in1962. This year Ice Hockey became a part of Tennessee’s sporting culture. Dixie Flyers a member of the EHL came and played at the Municipal Auditorium for almost a decade. This foreign invasion was countered with the first local effort. Nashville South Stars emerged and intended to become a minor league member. This team of the early eighties comprised many great names of NHL, but at that time they remained dormant. Later the team became the Nashville Knights. The Knights were a very successful ECHL minor league franchise. Their move to Nashville was intended for a Central League affiliation but did not materialize. The team remained local and folded in 1998 as Nashville Predators inaugurated their game play formally.

The formation of the Nashville Predators occurred when the NHL expansion allowed Nashville on conditional basis. Nashville and three other franchises were made a part of the NHL on the grounds of meeting sold out games on their home grounds. The Nashville Predators were certain of the support and the strength of their game. Hence they landed on ground and with full force, to sweep not just the crowd’s but also meet the NHL’s conditional clauses. Barry Trotz became the head coach along with specialized goaltending coach Mitch Korn, who trained the team rigorously. The team also received huge support from the people of Nashville. As a token of love and appreciation, the Predators took their name through public votes and choice. Their inaugural game and every game after that was a mega success. Meeting the commercial success benchmarks, the team was formally made a member of the NHL.

The Predators’ start was primarily slow. In 2000-01 season they accelerated by playing extremely; and landed in the tenth rank via a score of 34–36–9–3. Another remarkable occurrence that season was a ten point gain. It originated from a playoff point also added up towards a total of eighty points. Nashville Predators triumphed in the 2001-02 season as the Cofnrence’s fifteenth place holder. A very exciting hundredth win came vua a 28–41–13–0 record score. A 27–35–13–7 record in the next season took their previous season’s record of sixty points to seventy four points. The 2004-05 season was marked with great wins and heightened performance percentages. All of these accumulated and took the Predators to the eight rank in the Western Conference. Interestingly a playoff entry followed that paved way for further success of the team. The 2005-06 NHL records were headlined with the name Nashville Predators. It was the first NHL team that won first four games by a goal lead. NHL’s best record of 32–8–1 record became the Predator’s pride. This esteem boosting season, led to an even more substantial Predators game play in the next season. They year 2008 saw the Nashville Predators become number four in the Conference and made Nashville very proud. The next two seasons were rather slow and inconsistent. In 2010-11 the team made a comeback, gathering sell-outs and playoffs in its back pack. This season Nashville Predators tickets will offer another game where the team will show the best of their talent and game. Nashville Predators tickets promise all the fun NHL followers expect and want the Predators to deliver. Nashville Predators tickets will surely do it all.

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