Nba Eastern Conference Semifinals Miami Heat Tickets

Miami Heat is a professional basketball team that represents the state of Florida in the National Basketball Association (NBA) league. The NBA categorizes its team into Eastern and Western Conference. Miami Heat, or the Heat as it is often called in short, is a member of the South East Division in the Eastern Conference in the NBA leagues. Since its inception in 1988 Miami Heat has bagged nine division titles, won the NBA Eastern Conference Championship twice and also won the NBA Championship in 2006. Forbes Magazine estimated the worth of the franchise at a staggering 425 million dollars, making the team one of the most exciting sides in the NBA league.

Miami Heat started playing in the NBA league as an expansion franchise and struggled quite a lot in its inception years. Things started looking up for the team in the mid 90s. Sports experts accredit this improvement in their performance to the arrival of Pat Riley who joined the Heat as the team’s new president and head coach. The team went on to surprise basketball fans all over the country in the 1996-1997 season, when it bagged its first division title despite being a definite underdog in the leagues. They then went on to win another division title in the 1998 season which also corresponded with the team’s 10th birthday. The team won another two consecutive division titles in 1999 and 2000.
After the recession in Heat’s NBA performance that occurred between 2000 and 2005, things took a turn for the better when Pat Riley, the team’s head coach traded in Dwayne Wade in 2004. Wade soon became the rallying point of the team and soon started playing a pivotal role in its success. In the 2004 season Wade energized the side by his excellence on the court where he broke several rookie records and lead the team to the NBA Eastern Conference semi finals. Though the team lost to Indiana Pacers in the semis, a precedent had been set for the Heat which gave it a great morale booster. In the following season the team moved another step up in the leagues and went all the way to the conference finals for the first time in its history. The team lost to Detroit. The team made its way to the Eastern Conference’s finals yet again in the next season, once again against Detroit. The stage seemed to be set for a re-run of the final from the previous season with both the same teams confronting each other again. This time around, however, it was Miami Heat that stole the show and won their first ever Eastern Conference title in 2006. With the Eastern Conference title under their belt, Miami heat proceeded to play in the NBA championship against the Dallas Mavericks for the first time in the franchise’s history and in the most exciting turn of events won the Championship title as well. Dwayne Wade received the coveted award of The Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player.
The next illustrious phase in the Heat’s NBA career came around in the 2011 season. The Heat started the season by acquiring two of the top ranked players in the NBA leagues, namely Chris Bosh and LeBron James. Together with Dwayne Wade the trio formed an unbeatable gang that came to be titled as “The Big Three” by sports fans. After struggling in the season initially, the Heat finally regained its momentum and reached the NBA Eastern Conference semi finals where they beat Boston Celtics, the team with the highest number of conference titles in the Eastern Conference. Miami defeated Chicago Bulls in the conference final and claimed their second Eastern Conference title.
With their winning streak intact Miami Heat is back in the NBA Eastern Conference semi finals this season. The team has an impressive record of winning the Eastern Conference twice in a total of four appearances. Could this NBA Eastern Conference semi-final be the game that leads the Heat to its third Conference title? NBA Eastern Conference semi finals Miami Heat tickets are now available for all the fans who wish to catch all the action on the courts and enjoy the electrifying atmosphere of the arena. Book your NBA Eastern Conference semi-finals Miami Heat tickets now to catch all the action live from the stands!