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University of Nebraska-Lincoln are collectively known as one big team by the name Nebraska Cornhuskers, commonly shortened to the Huskers. The notable team has 15 accomplished sub-teams that together field a total of 21 varsity sports. The Huskers have been known to compete in the NCAA Division 1, the university being a regular member of the famous Big Ten Conference. The team offers a more extensive range of sport activities to women athletes since they have additional sports namely volleyball, bowling, softball, rifle, and swimming and diving.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers go more than a century back to when the team became a part of the Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletics Association , much before the Big 8 Conference was founded. The team has been a member of the Big 10 Conference since its very inception. The Huskers are also referred to as the Cornhuskers or the Big Red, among other nicknames.

The biggest asset of the Nebraska Cornhuskers is their unusually large, die hard fan base particularly in the area of college football. The team’s fans have taken on a legend of their own since their manner of dedication is inscribed at the very entrance of the Memorial Stadium in the words ‘Through these gates pass the greatest fans in college football’. The seriously devoted fans have been called the Sea of Red owing to the overwhelmingly unbelievable spectacle of the huge number of dressed-in-red fans. In the history of college fans, those of Nebraska Cornhuskers remain unparalleled given the fact that they not only swarm together to collectively cheer for the Nebraskan team in the field, but also for tagging along after it when the team hits the road. The team has been honored by record-breaking fan-related popularity when in 2002 the Huskers were followed all the way to Pasadena by fans numbering as many as 60,000. An exciting game, accompanied by such a spectacle of cheering fans in the unity of red, is what makes the Nebraska Cornhuskers tickets worth more than just an ordinary match experience.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have been recorded to also have the biggest crowds in the event of volleyball matches, with the records ranking among the top four most gigantic crowds in the history of volleyball. The biggest crowd of all times gathered for the 2006 National Championship , with an overwhelming number of 17, 209 spectators viewing the game between Stanford and Nebraska . The Huskers have a long list of athletic facilities, the most significant being the Memorial Stadium for football, the Bob Devaney Sports Center for basketball and Haymarket Park for baseball.

Nebraska Cornhuskers’ particularly famous, football team has won an impressive 46 number of Conference championships while also winning parts or whole of the five National championships. Their home games almost always begin with a traditional walk through the tunnel to celebrate the team’s entry on the field. The Cornhuskers’ home, Memorial Stadium’s gigantic space covers more people than the third largest city of Nebraska , Bellevue . The Nebraskan team is privileged with the perks of having accommodated more than 86,000 people on its home grounds in the 2009 game against Louisiana-Lafayette. Nebraska Cornhuskers have been noted to have one of the most accomplished Women’s Volleyball teams, having won NCAA Women’s Volleyball National Championships in 1995, 2000 and 2006. The skilled team has also claimed victory over three NCAA National Runner-ups in the years 1986, 1989 and 2005, while simultaneously winning in the 5 categories of NCAA National Semifinals making it to the final 4.

Other intriguing features of the Nebraska Cornhuskers include the popular fight song ‘Dear Old Nebraska U’, which is often played at the University’s football matches, played by the university’s marching band singing ‘ We’ll all stick together, in all kinds of weather, for dear old Nebraska U’ . The Nebraskan team prides in three more fight songs by the names Hail Varsity , March of the Cornhuskers and The Cornhuskers . With all these exciting features, large fan base, huge stadium and arena facilities, the Huskers make perhaps the most glorious sports team of all times. Furthermore, the Nebraska Cornhuskers enjoy a scarlet and cream colored easy-to-spot uniform with a big capital red ‘N’ printed across their jerseys. So if you want to attend a high energy game, with real sportsmen running about on those monstrously gigantic fields, then throw on your reds, bring your Nebraska Cornhuskers tickets and prepare to unanimously cheer for those clad in the big ‘N’ printed jerseys.

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