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New Orleans Hornets tickets bring home this season, the flavorsome basketball of the South. New Orleans Hornets belongs to New Orleans Louisiana and are a part of NBA’s Southwest Division of the Western Conference. Owned by the NBA the team is managed by Dell Demps and headed by coach Monty Williams. The Iowa Energy team as its D-League affiliate. The team’s home ground is the New Orleans Arena with a seating capacity of nineteen thousand. New Orleans Hornets have formally played twenty three seasons and have culminated and overall record of 913–941. The team has won its first and only Division title in 2008. It has also qualified for the twelve post seasons, which lead to five playoff series wins resulting in the division title.
New Orleans Hornets took form as an enterprise venture by George Shinn. He wanted an NBA team for Charlotte’s Charlotte Coliseum, a mega seating and sporting facility. The Hornets emerged as an NBA expansion team in 1987. The entry of The Hornets in professional basketball stirred waves with their bold uniform and colors that inspired many other teams to dress accordingly. In NBA’s 1988–89 season the Hornets hit the ground as the Charlotte Hornets. Their experience and struggle in the initial years were synonymous to what any expansion club would entail. However, the team was able to capture a considerable fan following in eight of their ten seasons. Hence, the Hornets were safe from major external, commercial and financial pressures and constraints.
The Hornet’s first lead to a playoff was post 1992–93 season. This success is accredited to a lineup that featured the lucky trio Larry Johnson, Muggsy Bogues and Alonzo Mourning. This season the team had a tight and close encounter with the Rangers, yet left a remarkable impression in the sports circuits. The follow up seasons saw the team strengthen up while managing win playoff appearances in 1996–97 and 1997–98. The team’s first decade in Charlotte and the next few seasons as the Hornets resulted in a respectable portfolio. A 522–546 (.489) win/loss record for regular seasonal play and 20–28 (.417) for the playoffs; wining seven playoffs and playing four Conference Semifinals are indeed commendable credentials.
The NBA 2002-2003 season saw the Hornets with a facelift. They relocated to New Orleans to become New Orleans Hornets. Their inaugural win was sensational shining with a finishing record of 47–35. The team came to the next season under coach Tim Floyd and winded up with a record of 41–41. Byron Scott took over the team as a remedial clause to tackle loses like main players’ injury. The season left a bitter after taste and hence it called for a team overhaul. Point guard Chris Paul came to the New Orleans Hornets as a part of the 4th pick of NBA Draft 2005; consequently things became better.
Katina’s devastating impact on the hometown and home arena forced New Orleans Hornets to relocate to Oklahoma City. It played as Oklahoma City Hornets for the next two seasons. New Orleans Hornets resurfaced in 2007–2008, the same year NBA All-Star Game came to New Orleans. This season was remarkable as the team finished with a regular season score of 56–26. This win lose record became their best ever. The team also became entitled to its very first Southwest Division title. Interestingly the team also ascertained its power play in Western Conference; becoming the second ranking team in the 2008 playoffs. The playoff triumphant Hornets went up to the conference semifinals, however, they lost to title championship defending team San Antonio Spurs.
New Orleans Hornets winded the 2008–09 season for the with a 49–33 score. They too had to leave the playoffs after they stumbled in the first round. The following season exhibited a rather slow and below par team and game play. Coach Byron Scott’s replacement with manager Jeff Bower resulted in a negative win-lose graph. The dwindling graph required specialized rescue hence Monty Williams replaced the former head coach. Lucky enough, the 2010–11 season proved progressive as the New Orleans Hornets scored a 46–36 record, winning a place in the playoffs.
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The New Orleans Hornets play in the Southwest Division of the National Basketball Association. They have been playing since 1988 and ever since then they have never looked back. The team first appeared in the NBA season in 1988-89. The team gave some real talented players in the beginning when they produced players such as Larry Johnson and Muggsy Bogues who are still remembered in the history of the team. It was in 2002 that they started off their inaugural session in New Orleans. Ever since then, they have played a number of games and have created a really great fan following. So get ready and get going with the New Orleans Hornets.
The New Orleans Hornets started playing their initial seasons in New Orleans in 2002 when they faced a number of successes and played a few successful tours. During this season, New Orleans Hornets hired a head coach Byron Scott. The Hornets did see a number of victories and successes despite the fact that this season was marked by injuries of three major stars. The Hornets are a definitely a determined team and they surely know what victory means to them. So get ready this season to witness the best as well and you will surely enjoy each and every moment of the game.
The 2005 to 2011 years for the New Orleans Hornets were headed by Chris Paul  who was considered as the 4th pick of the 2005 NBA Draft. During this season they have played most of their games at Oklahoma City. It was during this very period that the New Orleans Hornets won their very first Southwest Division title. In the 2008 playoffs the Hornets also got to defeat the Dallas Mavericks. They even modified their uniforms and logos in this very period. Their 2009-10 season did not go very well, however they finished their seasons fairly well and when Jeff Bower was actually registered as the head coach.
The year of 2011 went very well for the New Orleans Hornets when they played off quite well a few seasons. It was in this very year that the Los Angeles Clippers traded names like Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman and Al-Farouq Amimu in exchange for Chris Paul. Their team was restructured and has followed many changes ever since then. New Orleans Hornets are in to give the most scintillating and energizing gaming moments of basketball that you shall never forget. You will enjoy each and every bit of the game and will enjoy your day to the maximum. So get going and get ready for all the excitement and the fun that is going to make you feel truly special.
This season the New Orleans Hornets are going to present a fabulous breathtaking game that shall create the most fascinating moments in your life. So make sure that you are booked for the day to come as the NBA stars are going to exhibit the best of all performances ever. Get ready and get going for simply the best. This is your time to enjoy a sporting event such as this. The New Orleans Hornets are really going to make a blast. So get ready and buy your New Orleans Hornets tickets now.

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