Nfl Preseason Buffalo Bills Tickets

The thrill and excitement of the game of football keeps its spectators glued to their seats right till the end. When masters of this game like Buffalo Bills are playing, then the match will surely send a chill down your spine. NFL Preseason Buffalo Bills guarantee an evening full of excitement.

Buffalo Bills is an American professional football team based in New York. Presently they are a regular member of the East Division of the American Football Conference in the National Foot ball Lea g ue . The team plays its home games in the Orchard Park . After 2007 they have played their home game in Toronto while participating in the Bills Toronto Series that takes place for five consecutive years. In the year 1960 they joined the American Football League and after ten years i.e. in 1970 they became a part of the National Football League . Both the leagues combined to make one.

In the years 1964 and 1965 the Buffalo Bills won the American Football League titles one after the other in a row. Bills have the honor of being the only team who has won the American Football Conference Championships four times and that too one after the other. The kind of talent that the players possess has no match. Such talent has made them the only team to have played the Super Bowl game s four times in a row.

The name given to the team has its roots elsewhere. It has been named after the legendry Buffalo Bill. They have their own group of cheerleaders who are known as the Buffalo Jills. Their luck mascot is Billy Buffalo and has been made an important part of the teams’ true identity. Apart form other records they are also the only to team to have played inside New York, from the National Football League known as NFL. Other teams of the leagues including the New York Giants and the New York Jets do not play in New York rather they perform in East Rutherford which is a part of New Jersey. They have been organizing training sessions at St. John Fisher College as well.

Buffalo Bills ha bought changes in their looks many times. In the year 1962 the logo selected for the team was a red bison which was pasted in a standing position on a white helmet. In the same year i.e. in 1962 the colors of the team was changed to blue, red and white. Blue shirts were selected along with red and white stripes on it. The color of the helmet also changed to white with red stripes on it. In the year 1973 the uniform changed once again and this gave a new fresh touch to over all look of the team. Then came white shirts accompanied by blue pants. The mask worn to cover the face remained blue for eleven years i.e. from 1974 till 1986.

NFL Preseason Buffalo Bills Tickets will take you into the world of football where one of the best teams of football enter the ground to show what they really are capable of!