Nfl Preseason Carolina Panthers

Nfl Preseason Carolina Panthers Tickets

For all the football fans that have interest in professional football, Carolina Panthers is a name that is synonymous with excitement, thrill and exhilaration. Carolina Panthers is an American based professional football team from North Carolina. At present they are associated with the South Division of the National Football League. They became a member of this league in the year 1995. At that time Jacksonville Jaguars also joined the league. In the year 1993 the team came into existence.
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Dom Capers was selected as the first head coach of the Carolina Panthers. At the very beginning they did extremely well and made a record for giving the best performance by a team who was playing first game after the expansion. In the next season they won the division title and this ensured their entry into the Conference Championship. But here came a slight pause in their rapidly growing success. They lost the Bowl game and were defeated by the Packers who later on were able to win the Super Bowl.

After Capers resigned due to his inability to sustain his initial performance, George Seifert was appointed as the head coach of the team. His entry proved to be fruitful and raised the morale of the players and the improvement could be seen while comparing it with the previous season. But afterwards he teams condition again deteriorated and thus Seifert was fired from his post. Afterwards John Fox joined the team as its third coach. Fox was previously working for the New York Giants as their defensive coordinator. He was known for his rules and strategies and it was expected of him to lead the team in the best possible way.

In the year 2002, Carolina Panthers showed a marked improvement in their performance. Their progress could be seen as they moved six games ahead of the previous season. They had the honor of becoming the second best defense of the season. Under his guidance they also won the National Football Championship in South Division. Though the team has seen many ups and downs but they have never lost hope. They have been striving hard to achieve what they desire and are able to leave a mark behind. Their consistency has given them the kind of recognition that they have always dreamt of.

The team’s logo is associated with their name. It is comprised of a panther’s head that had an outline of blue color. Initially the color of the helmet was silver but later on in the year 2003 the tone was changed to metallic. Their uniform comprises of black shirts with silver pants and also white jersey along with white pants.

Professional football matches bear a special level of excitement in them for the fast pace of game and high level of skill required, and if a team like Carolina Panthers is playing, the thrill is multiplied many times. NFL Preseason Carolina Panthers Tickets offer all the football lovers an opportunity to witness a new football history in the making.