Nfl Preseason Green Bay Packers Tickets

Football is one of the most popular games of the world. The passion and thrill intensifies when there is a match between one of the best football teams of the world. NFL Preseason Green Bay Packers ensures a match that would not lessen the craze that this game entails. Green Bay Packers is an American football team belonging from Wisconsin. They have been a regular member of the North Division of the National Football League . At the moment, they are enjoying being the champions of the National Football League. This team came into existence in the year 1919 as a collaboration of George Whitney Calhoun and Earl "Curly" Lambeau. 1919 brought a turning point in the life of the Packers as it was then that they were started to be recognized as a semi-professional football team. This came as a result of wining many matches against the clubs belonging to different parts of Midwest and Wisconsin. They became a member of the National Football League in the year 1921. At that time this league was known as American Professional Football Association .

Green Bay Packers have numerous prestigious titles due to their outstanding performances. Such talent had led the team into winning thirteen league championships out of which nine were National Football League championships . 1959 proved to be milestone in the life of this team and its players. Vince Lombardi who was previously an assistant of the New York Giants , was hired as the head coach of the team. This brought a drastic change in their performance and they improved remarkably. Under the supervision of this outstanding coach they were able to win five world championships in seven years. At this the team included players like Paul Hornung, Bart Starr, Carroll Dale, Jim Taylor, Jerry Kramer, Forrest Gregg, Herb Adderley, Ray Nitschke, Willie Davis, Henry Jordan and Dave Robinson.

In their very first game that they played under the guidance of their new coach, the Packers were able to defeat the equally talented Chicago Bears . In the year 1960, they were able to win the National Football League West title. They were supposed to beat the Philadelphia Eagles in order to win this prestigious title, and this they did. After a year in 1961, they participated in the National football League Championship game and faced the New York Giants . The packers won by a huge margin and on the other hand Paul Hornung from the Packers made a new record of scoring nineteen goals in a game. This victory proved to be their first win of the National Football League championship after the year 1944. In the very next season of 1962, the Green Bay Packers again started the season with their outstanding performance. This increased their popularity immensely and made them the cover page of the Times magazine published on 21 st December 1962.

With its track record so impressive among the teams at its level, NFL Preseason Green Bay Packers Tickets promise you an unparalleled sporting entertainment and some of the most enjoyable moments of your life!