Nfl Preseason Oakland Raiders Tickets

Oakland Raiders is an American based professional football team from Oakland. They are at present playing for the Western Division of the National Football League . This team came into existence in the year 1960 and since with its outstanding performance had become the favorite of millions of people belonging to every corner of the world. Temporarily they shifted to Los Angeles between 1982 and 1994 but after twelve years they once again decided to return to their home town i.e. Oakland.
Initially the Raiders could not do very well and struggles with their performance. Due to their bad performances the team’s management decided to hire a new coach. In the year 1962 it was decided that the team will now play under the guidance of their new head coach Al Davis . After they started playing well and were gradually being recognized as a competitive team. Their new coach changed the strategy all together and approached their rivals from an entirely new perspective. Before joining the Oakland Raiders he was working for the San Diego Chargers and made use of his experience. His work spoke for itself and his efforts and right game plans won him an award for being the AFL's Coach of the Year in the year 1963. After three years i.e. in 1966 he bought some shares of the team and became the third partner of the teams. All these partners were the sole decision makers of the team and every strategy was decided after the approval of all three members.

In the year 1969 John Madden was appointed as the coach and his guidance did wonders for the team and proved to be a milestone for them. In his tenure they became one of the most successful team of the league as they were able to win six division titles that season and also retained their spectacular performance in the coming years as well.

They were able to win their first League championship in the year 1967 and also won three consecutive titles first in 1967 second in 1968 and third in the year 1969. Later on they ended the season by winning twelve divisions and one conference title along with three Super Bowls. Oakland Raiders have produced outstanding and extremely talented players. There talent could be seen from the fact that thirteen players of the Raiders have been inducted in the Pro Football hall Of Fame .

Every year, football fans lend their full support to Oakland Raiders during preseason games, and this time it will be no different. For people who wish to enjoy the game of football at its best, NFL Preseason Oakland Raiders Tickets would surely fulfill all their heartiest desires.