Nfl Preseason Tennessee Titans

Nfl Preseason Tennessee Titans Tickets

Other than being one of the four major sports in United States, Football is also one of the most watched sports throughout the nation. Football enjoys unmatched viewership throughout the year; let it be major league or minor league action. And as far as the football is concerned in United States, it doesn’t get any grander than National Football League. National Football League is the top most level in football in United States, and Super Bowl is the biggest achievement for all the pro football teams nationwide. National Football League or NFL, as a governing body, schedules its season every year and enjoys enormous amount of viewership year in and year out.

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NFL boasts having some of the most talented and competitive teams in its arsenal, and as those teams go head to head with each other every season, things can’t get any better for the football fans. NFL’s regular season brings fans of all the teams on the edge of their seats. But before NFL’s regular season steps in, fans get a taste of what’s coming to them all through the NFL Preseason. During the preseason, all the teams play exhibition games against each other, which also let the players to dust of their skills before they step in for their regular season.

National Football League is full of highly professional football teams, and among them is Tennessee Titans. Based in Nashville Tennessee, Titans came into existence back in 1960. The team has been previously known as the Houston Oilers and currently they play as the members of American Football Conference’s South Division.

After its inception, the team joined the American Football League as Houston Oilers in 1960, and went on to win their first AFL championship in their inaugural season, the team claimed yet another league championship in the following year as well. They made it to the league finals in the next year as well, but fell to Dallas Texans in what was the longest game ever played in the football history at that time. In 1968, the team moved to Houston Astrodome and at that time Oilers became the first football team ever to play in a domed stadium. The following year was the last season that Oilers played as an AFL franchise, as in 1970 the merger between AFL and NFL occurred.

During their initially post merger years, Oilers weren’t able to perform all that well, and had a couple of losing seasons. However by late 1970s the team’s fortunes started to lift up. But by the wake of 1980s, the team started having some disappointing runs once again. For the next coming decade, the team showed some improvements but their overall performances remained poor. Hence the poor performance combined with the need of a new and improved stadium, led to the team’s relocation to Tennessee.

After moving to Nashville Tennessee in 1996, the team started its play as the Tennessee Oilers in 1997. After their move, the team didn’t get its own home ground up until 1999. So instead of using Vanderbilt Stadium as a temporary home field, the owner of the team decided to make Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis, team’s home ground.

The team’s name was changed to Tennessee Titans in 1999 and from there onwards, the team started playing its home games at the LP Field, which was known as the Coliseum back then. During their 2010 season, the team finished with the 6-10 record and as they enter their 42 nd season they’ll make an attempt to make it better. In addition, the team will also try to make into the playoffs. This year’s season would be team’s 15 th season since they moved to Tennessee, and their first season under the coach Jeff Fisher. But prior to their regular season, the team will start its preseason with a game against Minnesota Vikings. Apart from Vikings, Titans will be facing Rams, Bears and Saints during their preseason as well. So don’t linger on it, and get your NFL Preseason Tennessee Titans tickets today.