Nfl Preseason Washington Redskins

Nfl Preseason Washington Redskins Tickets

American football has been one of the most played sports in all across the United States. And presently it is also one of the four major sports that are played in the American as well. Professional football garners more viewership than any other major sport in the country, when talking about professional football, National Football League is as highest as it can get. Currently comprised of thirty two teams, National Football League saw its inception in 1922 as the American Professional Football Association in Canton, Ohio. The league changed to its name to the present one in 1922. With its seventeen weeks long regular season, National Football League puts all of its member teams to their ultimate test as they battle for the championship crown at the Super Bowl or the Championship game. Since NFL is highest form of American Football in the U.S, it is proud of having some of the most competitive football teams in the world. During the regular season, each of the thirty two teams competes in sixteen games, and the regular season is then followed by playoffs or the post season.

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Prior to the start of the regular season, all the teams play four exhibition games during their NFL Preseason. These off the record games doesn’t only helps the players to refresh their skills, but also lets the fans to get a taste of what’s in store for them during the regular season. Fans of the Washington Redskins will see their team in action as they start their preseason with a match against Pittsburgh Steelers. Currently playing their home games at the FedEx Field , Redskins started their play in 1932. And since their formation, the franchise has played over a thousand games so far. Based in Ashburn Virginia; the team plays as a member of National Football Conference’s East Division. The team played for NFL ever before its merger with American Football League. During their pre merger years, the team managed to win two NFL Championships, and after the merger they have won three Super Bowls. In addition to these, they have also earned six conference championships as well as ten Division titles.

Redskins’ first NFL championship came to then in 1937, and they won their second one in 1942. Apart from that, the team also made its championship appearances in 1936, 1940, 1943 and 1945. After the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, Redskins won their first Super Bowl in 1982, which was followed by two more wins in 1987 and 1991. As far as their postseason record is concerned, they have had twenty three wins and seventeen losses and overall twenty two postseason appearances. Washington Redskins have made a total of five Super Bowl appearances which ties them at the #4 spot with 49ers for making the most amounts of Super Bowl appearances.

Redskins enjoyed the most of their success and won all of their league titles during two ten year periods. The first ten year period started from 1936 till 1945 and during that not only did they make it to the finals six times, they also won it twice. They second ten year success run lasted from 1982 to 1991, during which they made four Super Bowl appearances winning three of them as well as the four of their Conference championships.

As of today, Washington Redskins enjoy enormous amount of success and fan following. As of 2009, Redskins are also reported to be the second most valuable franchise in National Football League, by Forbes Magazine. Also during their 2009 season, Redskins proved to be highest grossing team in the entire league. Redskins’ games are attended by millions of their fans every year, which is why they have broken NFL’s record for single season attendance for nine straight seasons.

This year will mark 79 th season in the team’s history. During their preseason, Redskins will play four matches against Steelers, Colts, Ravens and Buccaneers. So if you want to witness the action first hand, get your NFL Preseason Washington Redskins tickets right here.