Nlcs St Louis Cardinals Tickets

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NLCS St Louis Cardinals games are coming your way to give you the best. Originating from Missouri and being members of the Central Division in the National League of Major League Baseball. St Louis Cardinals have the honor of winning ten World Series championships, the most wins that any National League has ever won. This team has its origins since 1882 and their history shows their string rivalry with the Chicago Cubs . They have participated and won many National League Championship Series which have won them great honor and accolades from all over. They are one of the major teams playing for NLCS and have thus been playing for this league since quite some time now.

The NLCS is played in the best of seven formats in the 2-3-2 format and NLCS St Louis Cardinals have been playing in this format. Ever since their inception, St Louis Cardinals have been playing the earlier version of the World Series. Their luck treated them very well in 1920 when they started to play for the National League. They produced the most wonderful players in the initial years of their development. The three decades that they played from the 1940s to the 1970s saw the great outfielder famously known as Stan the Man who spent nearly 22 years in the team and under his presence the St Louis Cardinals won three NL MVP awards. They also faced their rivals of the then time, Yankees and the St Louis Browns who made their presence in the baseball leagues and World Series very challenging indeed.

St Louis Cardinals achieved a lot of success during the 1960s when their ever famous pitcher Ernie Broglio joined the team. He played really well against the Chicago Cubs, their archrivals during various leagues. It was in 1981 that they were left out in terms of playing the leagues owing to the strike affected season. However, after a few years they were able to get back into action when they ripped off some of the games from Milwaukee Brewers and won the World Series of 1982. After that they even reached to the finals of the 1987 World Series where they ended up as runners up of the entire tournament.

The 1990’s era saw the St Louis Cardinals succeed once again. Their new manager was appointed during this era and things picked up pace once again for the team. However still, there high rise success was probably written in the new millennium as they won a total of 105 games which is just an excellent record for any team to play. In that they defeated most of their rivals and the defeat that they gave to the Dodgers of NLDS in a seven game series was really a mind blowing record on the rival’s face. The series of wins and defeats and the innumerable challenges continue for the great team. They have seen ups and down but since the past decades but nonetheless St Louis Cardinals have been playing ferociously and have been able to create a strong foothold in the baseball.

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