Notre Dame Fighting Irish Season Tickets Package Tickets

For some sports in the world you have to be a certain age to be able to enjoy it fully, but football is not one such sport. In the United States you would find young children as avid supporters of the game and grown adults too. Whole families would come out to watch the home games of their favorite teams. And everywhere on the field you would see different people wearing the colors of their teams, shouting slogans and carrying placards to show their love and dedication. Despite being a game for all ages certain teams do appeal more to a specific demographic. And for many years now the team of American youth has been the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Their schedule for this season has been announced and the fans are all very excited at the prospect of seeing their favorite boys back on the field.

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The University of Notre Dame is one of the oldest institutes in the United States and is home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish who are without a doubt the most popular team in college football. The team has a cult following and is the winner of more than eleven national championships. Brady Quinnthe star quarterback for the Denver Broncos used to play for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish when he was at university.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have a very long history of college football and can easily be called one of the founders of the sport. Because of this reason they have a huge fan base and there is much curiosity that surrounds their every game. In American college football this is the only team for which the games are televised on national Broadcasting Channels and Radio. In the past their games have been broadcast live on ABC, CBS, NBC and ESPN. And for many years now NBC is the official channel for all the home games of Notre Dame.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish play all of their home games at the Notre Dame Stadium which according to the Sporting News is the second best stadium in college football in the whole of United States. The stadium was built in the early 1930s and has a capacity to hold crowds of up to 80,0000 approximately. The stadium is a part of the campus of University of Notre Dame and is one of the main highlights of the beautiful university campus. In the late 90s, NBC the official broadcasting channel for Notre Dame games sponsored the installation of lights onto the field for increased visibility.

When it comes to the uniform of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish gold is a distinguishing feature. Before all of their games the students of the university would paint the helmets in colors of pure gold. Their home jersey which is dark blue has an outline of gold and the gold outline is also a prominent part of their away jersey which is white in color. There is nothing that is more fun and exciting than watching a game of football in a stadium with thousands of energetic fans. Do not waste time and get your Notre Dame Fighting Irish Tickets now.