Olympics Triathlon

Olympics Triathlon Tickets

The 24th Olympic Games saw the first appearance of the triathlon. 48 women and 52 men competed in separate triathlons. The distances used were the international or standard ones, with a 1.5 km swim, 40 km cycle, and a 10 km run. The second triathlon was identical to the first in distance, but the 100 athlete quota was evened between 50 women and 50 men.
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Qualification spots in the triathlon are allotted to National Olympic Committees rather than to individual athletes. There are five ways for NOCs to earn spots in the triathlon. NOCs can earn a maximum of three spots, though only nine nations may earn that many. Nations beyond that may earn only two spots. If a nation would be the tenth or later to earn a third spot, it loses that spot. The first five spots go to the winners of the five regional qualifying tournaments. Three more spots go to the top three triathletes of the most recent Triathlon World Championships, though any athlete that won a regional tournament is skipped in that determination. The next 39 places go to the NOCs of those athletes highest in the ITU ranking. A forty-eighth place is awarded to the host country if it has not already received a spot or to the next highest ranked athlete if the host country has. The final two places are awarded by the Tripartite Commission.