Olympics Volleyball Tickets

In 1992, an under ranked Brazil upset all-time favorites C.I.S., Netherlands and mainly Italy for a first Olympic Championship. In spite in their almost whole rule in all other competitions, a sort of curse seems to strike Italians volleyball players at the Olympics.

In 2004, Brazil did not disappoint its fans beating mercilessly Italy in the final, adding a second Gold Medal to its record and confirming its role of greatest superpower of 2000s. Gold Medals seem more evenly distributed in men's volleyball than in women's: former U.S.S.R. has three; U.S.A. and Brazil, two; the remaining four editions of the Volleyball Olympic Tournament were won each by a different country. The remaining main major force, Italy, is runner-up to U.S.S.R. as total number of medals, but still lacks a gold medal.