Oregon State Beavers Tickets

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Oregon State Beavers is the name of the team sports of Oregon State University, which is located in the city of Corvallis, Oregon. The Beavers participate in the university competitions organized by NCAA. They are part of the Pacific Ten Conference and play in Division I. They have orange and black as their uniform colors and the name of their mascot is Benny Beaver.
Traditionally, the teams have a great rivalry with their neighbors, the Ducks of Oregon University, located less than 75 km from the campus of the state university. Their rivalry is especially in football and their football games are known among the fans as the Civil War. It is one of the oldest rivalries in the country. Both teams have played one hundred and ten matches between them. The final was won by the Beavers 30-28.
The football ground of the Oregon State Beavers in the Reser Stadium. It has the capacity to host more than forty three thousand people in the audience. Their basketball stadium is the Gill Coliseum, which can hold up to ten thousand spectators. The Beavers are made up of seven male and ten female teams. Some of the teams of the University include Baseball, Swimming, Rowing, Football, Softball, Gymnastics, Basketball, Wrestling, Golf, Cross-country, Volleyball and more.
The Baseball team of the University dates back to the year 1907. Over this century of existence, the team has brought fifteen players to the Major League Baseball. They have won the Conference title on twenty two occasions, and reached the World Series three times.
The basketball team of the Oregon State Beavers also includes outstanding players. Twenty three players of the team have been included in the National Basketball Association over the course of its history. One of these players achieved a total of ten rings in the League Championship and four gold medals in the Olympics. Two of the best known players of the team are Gary Payton and "Iron Man" AC Green.
The team football was established in the year 1893. Since then, nearly a hundred of their players have come to play in the NFL including the winner of the Heisman Trophy, Terry Baker. They have won the title of the Pacific Ten Conference five times in their history. Now you can watch these talented athletes live in action! Get your Oregon State Beavers tickets today.