Pga Championship Fri Tickets

The Professional Golfers’ Association of America is recognized as the largest active sports organization of the world with a network of over twenty thousand male and female professional golfers. With over forty PGA Sections across the United States, the organization serves a population of millions since its foundation almost a century ago in 1916. The professionals working under the PGA are known experts in the sport and work actively towards the growth, teaching and management of the game of golf. The organization is a pioneer in the field of promoting the sport of golf and has maintained its status as a leader in this area by contributing tremendously to the domain.

The PGA indulges in extensive public events, high quality educational and training projects, magnanimous efforts towards philanthropy, and award-winning activities aimed towards promoting golf. Amongst the premier spectator events held by PGA is one of the biggest annual golf tournament held in the United States, known largely as the PGA Championship or the US PGA Championship. Usually held sometime around the mid of August, this event is one of the four major professional golf tournaments and serves as the final major event of the entire golf season proceeding the four weeks of The Open Championship. Get your PGA Championship tickets to attend this year’s finale as it brings together some of the biggest names in golf in cut-throat competition. The competition’s reputation for being the final major of the golf season has resulted in it being titled with the nickname of "Glory's Last Shot". It is the main highlight of the renowned PGA tour and this year’s tournament is going to celebrate the 94th year of the PGA Championship.
Winning the prestigious championship is not only an honor for the golfers but is also a source of numerous privileges. This makes this profession much more secure career wise for beginners who are not yet recognized as established golfers. Winning the PGA Championship becomes an automatic ticket to play for the other three major golf tournaments - namely the Masters Tournament, the U.S. Open, and the Open Championship - for the next five years to come. They also obtain a life time exemption from struggling to qualify for the PGA Championship. PGA Championship is a golden opportunity for all participating golfers with the winners being entitled to membership for the proceeding five seasons of the PGA and European Tours. Victorious PGA champions are also invited to the Players Championship for the following five years.
The venues for this prestigious golf championship have largely changed over its course, with the tournament now being held at a one of the small groups of famous golf courses. Each of these golf courses prides itself with hosting a variety of other popular leading events. So book your PGA Championship tickets to visit one of these spectacular golf courses as they host the celebrated tournament.