Phoenix Suns Season Tickets Tickets

Players are gearing up, hopes are getting higher and fans are waiting in anticipation for the season of the year that brings electrifying games of basketball. Phoenix Suns season tickets are hot items that are selling fast as the season is approaching. Phoenix Suns have an impressive history that has gained them the reputation for giving a fighting match. The professional team has the credit for holding the fourth position in NBA for having the best winning percentage. The energetic team that the fans are hanging on their hopes to for some best of basketball games is based in Phoenix, Arizona. It plays in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference in the National Basketball Association.  The colors of the team are purple, orange and Gray.

The beginning of the team goes back to 1968 when the franchise joined NBA and Phoenix got its professional baseball team. They started off with a brilliant start but were unable to maintain it. The team made it to their first NBA Final in the 1975-76 season by defeating SuperSonics and the Golden State Warriors to make their place in the finals.  In the finals Phoenix Suns faced the Celtics and gave a fighting match, but could not emerge as the winner.  The match is however still remembered for the incredible play that extended the game to third extra period.
Phoenix Suns went on to have successful seasons but problems came its way in the 80s when there were scandals about a few players involved in drugs. The rough period began to fade as the team started winning matches and made steady playoff appearances. Phoenix Suns made it to the NBA Finals second time in 1993 after defeating the Spurs and Sonics. Although they have not been lucky with NBA Finals but Phoenix Suns are recognized for their steady wins in regular seasons and appearances in playoffs.  Phoenix Suns season will bring exciting matches putting on display the passion the players play with and the talent they possess. For its great play the team has made a loyal fan base. Phoenix Suns have given their fans memorable matches and that is what they have come to expect from them.
The team had its share of ups and downs. Over the course of time, Phoenix Suns have produced some fine players that include names like Steve Nash, Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson, Alvan Adams among others. The team plays their home matches at US Airways Center which has been its home arena since 1992. The team is headed by Alvin Gentry. Under his leadership the team will be playing to the delighted fans that always turn up in big numbers to support their favorite team. Phoenix Suns season tickets promise to give the fans the money’s worth so be there if you want to enjoy the thrilling game of basketball.