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Pittsburgh Penguins is a professional National Hockey League’s ice hockey team belonging to Atlantic Division in Eastern Conference. The franchise came into existence in 1967 and is currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The name “Penguins” comes from their previous home arena, “The Civic Center” which was nicknamed as “igloo”. Their first logo was a penguin with a triangle in the background. The triangle represented Pittsburgh Downtown, which is named as the “Golden Triangle”. For the first two seasons, the team was head coached by George Sullivan , who was later replaced with Red Kelly . Pittsburgh Penguins tickets can now be obtained from our website!

Pittsburgh Penguins made it to the playoffs in 1970 and 1972. In the draft of 1969, they chose Michel Briere , the top rookie scorer holding 44 point. He was the young superstar the team was counting on for their successes in the future. However, a few days after the playoffs, tragedy stuck when Briere had a major road accident and suffered severe head injuries and trauma. After going through four head surgeries, he did not recover and died ten months later in the hospital. The number 21 of his jersey has been retired and never used by Penguins again.

Pittsburgh Penguins years from 1975 to 1982 brought them a winning record. In the total of eight seasons, they made it to seven berth playoffs. In the years 1983 to 1988, the team went downhill and faced a serious drought. They ended up with worst record team of the league. The Penguins finally made a breakthrough from 1989 to 2001; they made it to twelve playoffs. During these years, the team won two Stanley Cups, in 1990 and 1992. Penguins came on the verge of bankruptcy in their losing seasons of 2002 to 2006. The team stumbled but managed to get hold of the situation, winning another Stanley Cup in 2008, and reviving their game.

Pittsburgh Penguins’ home arena is located in the Uptown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is named “Consol Energy Center”. The Penguins chose the new home ground, replacing their old “Civic Center. The current ground has a spacing capacity of 18,087 people. The inaugural ceremony of the ground took place on August 18, 2010 with the performance of Paul McCartney . The naming rights of the ground were bought by CONSOL Energy in 2008. The arena also holds concerts within its premises.

Pittsburgh Penguins have won three Stanley Cups till the date. They have also been able to win four Conference titles and six Division titles. They also won one President’s trophy in 1992. Their current logo is the upside down triangle with a penguin with a hockey stick in front of it. Their jerseys are golden, black and white colored. Ten of the Penguin players have been enshrined in Hockey Hall of Fame. If you want to catch a live match by the penguins on ice, grab your Pittsburgh Penguins tickets from us today!

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