Pittsburgh Pirates Vs St Louis Cardinals Tickets

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. St Louis Cardinals game features two MLB teams, both of which participate from the Central Division of its National League. The two teams have established quite a competitive reputation with their winning rates. The Cardinals, founded in 1882, are among the most successful and decorated franchises from MLB history and have won as many as eleven World Series, ten division titles and eighteen National League pennants; while the Pirates have won five World Series championships alongside winning nine NL Pennants, and nine East Division titles. They are frequently referred to as ‘Buccos’, or ‘Bucs’, both of which were stem from ‘buccaneer’ meaning pirate. They too are among the oldest baseball teams in ranks with the Cardinals since they were formed in 1882 and became part of the National League in 1887.

Since so many of our previous generations have been watching them play, their games have become a true family tradition for many, making Pittsburgh Pirates vs. St Louis Cardinals tickets a must-have.
Since their very initial years, the Pirates have been competitive winning the National League titles thrice between 1901 and 1903, and entered their first World Series by 1903. In 1909, they won their first World Series championship under the lead of Honus Wagner. Through their long history, the team has been through many careers high and lows, famously winning their 1960 World Series on part of a game winning homerun scored by Bill Mazeroski, marking the one time that the World Series came to an end on a homerun in its seventh game. They also conquered the World Series of 1971 under the lead of Roberto Clemente while their win of the same championship in 1979 was made possible due to ‘Pops’ Willie Stargell with the slogan “We Are Family’.
The Pirates have won lost two and won five World Series, and interesting all of the latter were seven-game series.  After playing a successful regular season at the start of the nineties, in which time they made it to the NLCS for three back-to-back years, the team hit its struggle phase; in the last few decades, they have lost twenty seasons, consecutively, marking the longest low among North America’s professional sports.
The Cardinals have accomplished much in their recent history, with their eleven World Series titles seconding the New York Yankees. Their player Branch Rickey pioneered the farm system while Stan Musial established and shared seventeen ML and twenty-nine NL records, while the team on the whole gave some real comeback surprises in its 2011 season.
Throughout their history, Cardinal players are known to have won MVP award twenty times, while their pitchers thrice won the Cy Young Award. Cardinal players welcomed into Baseball Hall of Fame include Joe Medwick, Red Schoendienst, Bruce Sutter, Ozzie Smith, Dizzy Dean, Lou Brock, Rogers Hornsby, Musial, Rickey and Gibson.
Make sure to grab your Pittsburgh Pirates vs. St Louis Cardinals tickets and be there to watch this exciting baseball game.