Preseason New York Knicks Tickets

Knickerbockers are a funny piece of clothing, generally reserved to be donned by young. They were seen as a sign of being prepubescent and their dividing aspect was only overcome once a boy had attained puberty and underwent a kind of a rite of passage to wearing longer trousers. However, one group of players has completely flipped the teasing connotation of the Knickerbockers and has in fact rendered them cool in the process. The NBA team of the New York Knickerbockers or Knicks has been a major force to be reckoned with in basketball for than six decades now. Competing from within the Atlantic Division of the NBA's Eastern Conference, they have are two-time NBA champions. Latch onto some preseason New York Knicks tickets to witness them warming up to recapture their former glory.

The New York Knicks came into being the same year that the NBA was formed. The franchise initially lacked the popularity and crowd pulling strength of the resident hockey and baseball teams and it was only when Ned Irish, the then president of Madison Square Garden decided to make basketball more profitable by promoting it through his venue that the Knicks were able to carve out their own identity. However, the Knicks, despite winning their first game against the Huskies, could not get their games in edgewise into the crowded schedule of Madison Square Garden and instead had to be content with playing at the 69th Armory Regiment.

The 1950s saw the New York Knicks rise to unprecedented heights of success. First they made history by signing on Sweetwater Clifton as the first African American player to be inducted into a professional basketball team's roster and then they made it to the NBA finals thrice in all three of their consecutive NBA playoff appearances. However it was to be from 1970 onwards that the Knicks would start reaping in the big rewards of the game. Winning their first conference title in 1970, they went on to pick up their first NBA championship as well and after clinching a Division title and another conference title in 1971 and 1972 respectively, they squashed the Lakers in their fifth NBA final appearance to pick up their second championship. Surely 2012 preseason New York Knicks stint will see sparks fly.

The 2000s were all about financial woes, contractual considerations of coaches and players as well as a sexual harassment lawsuit for the New York Knicks' team president Isaiah Thomas. The Knicks' players ended up paying the cost of the mismanaged state of affairs by posting in one losing season after another and it wasn't until the hiring of Donnie Walsh in 2008 as the team's president that the Knicks were able to start salvaging their pride. The induction of forward-center Amar'e Stoudemire from the Phoenix Suns in 2010 has been looked upon as the start of a new era of Knicks resurgence, with the upcoming preseason New York Knicks session a veritable testament. So lock down some preseason New York Knicks tickets to catch them in their attempt to blaze a trail once again.