Ryder Cup Tickets

The Ryder Cup which is also known as the Ryder Cup Matches is a biennial golf tournament which takes place between the golfing teams of the United States of America and the European countries. This golf tournament is administered in corporation with the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) of the United States of America as well as with the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) European Tour. This amazing golf tournament takes place after every two years. The venue of this event always either takes place on the golf courses in the United States of America or the ones on Europe.
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The name of the event as well as the name of the trophy is both known as the Ryder Cup. The name of the event has been named after Samuel Ryder who donated the trophy. This event and also its corresponding event known as the Presidents Cup are both exceptionally distinctive golf tournaments in the world of golf and also in various other professional sporting events. In spite of the fact that both these events are two of the most high profile golf events that churn up more than tens of millions of dollar to the revenue of the sponsorship as well as in Television, yet the players that are part of this magnanimous event do not get any prize money and they are part of the tournament just for the sake of winning it.
The history of the Ryder Cup is really very interesting. This remarkable golf tournament began in the year of 1926 after an exhibition match which took place between a team that consisted of American professionals in opposition with a parallel tournament from the Professional Golfers’ Association which was British and was on the East Course which is in Wentworth Club, that is located in Virginia Water in Surrey in the United Kingdom. The very first tournament took place in the year of 1927 at the famous Worcester Country Club which is located in Worcester in Massachusetts.
The matches that took place initially were reasonably even in the Ryder Cup. However, after the Second World War ended and life began as normal again, there seemed to be a frequent and recurring dominance of the teams from the United States of America which eventually led to a conclusion to lengthen the representation of the Irish as well as the British golfing teams to comprise of the continental Europe in the year of 1979. This new change that took place was primarily because of the accomplishment of an innovative creation of the golfers from Spain at that time. Some of the famous Spanish golfers included the name of Antonio Garrido as well as Seve Ballesteros. These two Spanish golf players became two of the first Spanish golf players to play in this marvelous event in the year of 1979. From thereon, the team of Europe comprised of golf players from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and Italy.
Ever since the format of the Ryder Cup changed with more European countries taking part in the event, the tournament eventually became a lot more competitive and fun. Europe won eight times in a row and retained the trophy one time by a draw also. In this time period, the United States of America won a total of Seven cups.
The venues of the Ryder Cup interchange between the United Kingdom and the United States of America. However in the year of 1997 when the event took place in Spain and in the year of 2006 when the event took place in Ireland, all of the other European championships have been hosted in the United Kingdom. 
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