San Antonio Stock Show And Rodeo Chris Young Tickets


Houston Rodeo Chris Young tickets allow for a show of the freshest talent and hype in country music. Houston Rodeo as music, lifestyle, a livestock event of the Wild Wild West occupies a very special position in the United States. It is the world’s largest event that caters to livestock, food, music and multitude of ancillary exhibits and competitions. With its humble beginning in 1931, it was marked exclusively for the exhibition/sales of livestock and rodeo events. Gradually it became a hallmark of western sports and music entertainment.
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Each year, this  twenty daylong event begins with rage and excitement advocating a year long buildup. The excitement is mostly underpinned by the thrilling Rodeo competitions, parades and runs. These events immerse the entire Rodeo event in a fever of competition; an offering the attendees always want to experience. Once they are a part of it , they want to come back for even more. Each day the Houston Rodeo attracts thousands of attendees; who want to become a part of the sports, food and lifestyle activities taking place.
Houston Rodeo’s rhythm and rhyme is the main highlight of the event. The concert feature has been an integral part of the Houston Rodeo. Over the years, the occasion has brought forth top notch artist and bands of the time. Every year a very attractive and credible concert lineup enlivens the concert stage. Names like Kiss, Bon Jovi, Bob Dyan, Selena, Lynrd Skynrd and Elvis Presley came to the Houston Rodeo concert stage. They embraced the hearts of everyone there, allowing for similar acts to become a part of the entertainment feature. Country singer and songwriter Chris Young is one such at that will be manifesting his live side at the Houston Rodeo Chris Young concert this season.
Houston Rodeo Chris Young tickets bring Chris Young’s country music to an awaited live Houston Rodeo Chris Young solo show. Hailing from Murfreesboro, Young began as a child star performing at school and talent shows. In high school he managed to release his first album and kept paying for Nashville area clubs though college he was fairly active playing hundreds of live show each year. One of these live shows showed him the way to Nashville Star, 2006. Young became a public favorite with his performance on the Nashville Star earning him his first Label deal with RCA Records. Chris Young’s debut and sophomore single releases Drinkin’ Me Lonely and You're Gonna Love Me; came to mainstream with a slow yet strong impression. Country music fans and critics noticed him as a potential star in the making. Billboard Hot Country Songs charts; saw them peaking at number forty three and forty eighth respectively.
The Man I Want to Be (2009) was a huge commercial success. It spawned three number one singles that shook country charts and placed Chris Young in the set of rising country stars. Gettin' You Home, The Man I Want to Be and Voices, all managed to find recognition and success independently. Voices rose on Billboard charts as Chris Young’s debut Top 40 entry. The song managed a number thirty seven position. However, Gettin' You Home achieved unprecedented success as the first number one hit by Chris Young.  This hit number allowed
him to re-master his earlier works; Voices came out and viola, the release was even better, it became a number one hit on the country charts. The general acclaim and critical appreciation received by Chris Young‘s music was immense. This streak of hits hasn’t stopped yet. Neon Chris Young’s third album came out in 2011 with hits Tomorrow and You.
Winner of CMT Music awards 2007 and American Country Awards 2011; Chris Young has cemented himself as a new yet strong a competitive contender in country music. His live shows and tours have become sensational hits, received great public reviews. Houston Rodeo Chris Young is one such act, which will feature him in the best of country spirits. Houston Rodeo Chris Young will capture the best of his best music, played live! Especially for Houston Rodeo participants and attendees, having him on the Rodeo is a great treat.
With the Rodeo festivities and activities in the background Houston Rodeo Chris Young will showcase the ever beautiful country music of Chris Young. His signature lyrics, deep vocals and charm will team up to infuse senses with a worthwhile display of country music. Houston Rodeo Chris Young tickets provide a chance to watch him perform upfront. Book Houston Rodeo Chris Young tickets early to watch him close and upfront. Enjoy!