Spring Training Arizona Diamondbacks Tickets

There is good news for all the baseball fans living in the Phoenix desert because all they have to do now is to buy the Spring Training Arizona Diamondbacks tickets and they would be treated to some exciting games featuring their favorite team as they prepare for the regular season later in the year. A lot of the times these training sessions are a very good indication of things to follow once the regular season kick starts. Because without the pressure of entering every game wondering how the outcome will change their chances of making it to the playoffs or to the Championship title, the players can focus on their individual and joint performance. The coaches play special attention the weak and strong areas and make changes and take necessary steps to improve the overall performance of the team.
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At the Spring Training Arizona Diamondbacks event the professional baseball team from Phoenix would be playing several games as their training period starts and the fans can all see it and be there to show their love, support, enthusiasm and encouragement for their favorite team. The team is a member of the National League and play in the Major League Baseball’s Western Division. The team became the fastest expansion team in MLB after winning the World Series only in their fourth season. No other team had been able to achieve this and win a major championship so early since their expansion. The team earned their title for the World Series in 2001, and the same year they won the NL Pennants and the National League West Division Title. They had won this title once before in 1999, and took it home for a third time in 2002. Then again in 2007 and in 2011 the Arizona Diamondbacks won the National League West Division Title.

There was a very strong need felt by the locals of Arizona to have a team of their own to support and cheer for, because in the absence of one they were always left rooting for Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers from California. By the mid nineties Phoenix was the ninth largest city in the United States, and it made sense for the city to have its own team as it was commercially viable and was a good economic decision given all the new business a team would bring to the region. But the attempts to attract a team to Arizona in the 80s fell through after the plans to build a baseball only stadium were deemed as fiscally not viable. Phoenix is one of the hottest regions in America and the temperatures during the day rise up to 120 °F.  It was not possible for any team to play under the scorching heat of sun and so the need to build a stadium with these things in mind was felt by all. It wasn’t until the mid 90s that plans were made final to build the Bank One Ballpark with a retractable roof in the industrial area of downtown Phoenix. After having paid $130 Million fee to the MLB Phoenix had a franchise of its own to start playing from the 1998 season. For naming the franchise a contest was run in the leading newspapers offering the winner a lifetime of season tickets. At the Spring Training Arizona Diamondbacks event the same team can be seen preparing for their regular season.The Bank One Ballpark which was specially built for the Arizona Diamondbacks in 1998 was the first stadium in the United States to feature a retractable roof. The name for the ballpark was changed to Chase Field in 2005 and continues to serve as the home for the Diamondbacks. The total cost of construction was $477 million and the stadium features Bull’s Eye Bermuda surface. The team will be using their home ground for the Spring Training Arizona Diamondbacks event. If you are a fan of baseball, then you should get Spring Training Arizona Diamondbacks tickets immediately!

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