Spring Training Atlanta Braves Tickets

Baseball fans should get ready as the Atlanta Braves are all set for the Spring Training games. These games will definitely be exciting and pulsating so we are strongly urging all baseball fans to make sure they are present at the stadium. If you need tickets then don’t go anywhere as you can get Spring Training Atlanta Braves tickets from us at reasonable prices!

Spring Training sessions of baseball are held every year and they always precede the upcoming professional baseball league season. For almost a 100 years these game sessions have been taking place at more or less the same time of the year that is staring from mid February and going till the end of the month of March, these six weeks are full of fun and exhilaration as the top baseball teams play warm and practice games across a number of venues that are located in Florida and Arizona. Spring training games have been divided into two groups namely Grapefruit League and Cactus League. Grapefruit league is held in  Florida and includes teams like New York Mets, Detroit Tigers, Miami Marlins, Toronto Blue Jays, Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros, Tampa Bay Rays and Minnesota Twins. Cactus League takes place in Arizona with teams like Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners.  Both these leagues attract thousands of people and generate millions of dollars in revenue for the area economy.

Atlanta Braves are surely the bravest sportsmen in the game of baseball. The Braves are amongst the oldest members of the National League as they became a part of it soon after the team was founded in 1876. From the year 1994 they are playing in the eastern division. Over the years the Braves have undergone a number of name changes, at the time of debut they were called Boston Red Stockings and then went on to be called Boston Red Caps, Boston Doves, Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves and finally in 1966 they were named Atlanta Braves. Like their name the Braves have also changed a number of venues over the years, they have played home games at South End Grounds, Fenway Park, Braves Field, Milwaukee County Stadium and since 1997 their home stadium is Turner Field. The stadium can accommodate about 50000 fans and is situated on 755 Hank Aaron Drive in the scenic city of Atlanta. White, navy and scarlet are the official team colors. The Atlanta Braves are nicknamed The Bravos.

Atlanta Braves game record is a clear proof their immense talent as the team has won one wild card berths, five west and eleven east division titles, seventeen Al Pennants and above all three World Series titles. Currently the team is owned by John Malone and Frank Wren is the general manager. Current roster has some talented players like Tommy Hanson, Tim Hudson, Robert Fish, David Ross, Jason Rice, Adam Russell, Jack Wilson, Jason Heyward and Matt Diaz. Their winning streak in east division in the last few years has been phenomenal as they made a record of winning the division title for eleven years in a row from 1995 to 2005.

Atlanta Braves are surely one team that is a must watch for all baseball fans. Sports lovers the Atlanta Braves will be practicing at the Champion Stadium Walt Disney in Lake Buena Vista Florida so do come and watch them. You need not to worry about the tickets as you can select from our long inventory of affordable Spring Training Atlanta Braves tickets so get them and be at the stadium for a thrilling day!

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